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Nomination Packages for Mayor, Councillor, and School Trustee Candidates Now Available

Release Date

Kamloops, BC—The 2022 General Local Election nomination packages for candidates for Kamloops Mayor and Councillors and School District No. 73 School Trustees are now available for downloading at or for pickup on a USB drive at City Hall, 7 Victoria Street West, during regular business hours Monday–Friday, excluding statutory holidays. Completed nomination forms are due to the Chief Election Officer or their Deputy by appointment only between Tuesday, August 30, and Friday, September 9, 2022.

Provincial legislation dictates much of how local elections are run, including all of the rules and processes for nominations and for running campaigns. The City has posted an information page for candidates at listing several resources for those who wish to learn more about running for office. Resources include videos, webpages, and guides detailing everything from the role of local elected officials to campaign financing and advertising rules.

“Serving in an elected office is a unique responsibility that can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging at times,” said Amanda Passmore, the City’s Chief Election Officer. “Learning as much as possible before deciding to run for office will help potential candidates gain a better understanding of the election process as well as the nature of the position they seek to hold.”

Information for the Kamloops voting public is also available on the City’s online engagement platform,, including a detailed timeline leading up to election day and a map of all voting locations. The number of polling locations in Kamloops this general election has increased for general voting and for advance voting. Eligible residents can vote at any of 16 polling locations on Saturday, October 15, 2022, or at either Heritage House in Riverside Park or in the Sports Centre Lounge at the McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre in the advance polls on October 5, 8, or 12. Mail-in ballots will also be available upon request for those unable to attend any voting dates.

“Hundreds of Kamloops residents have stepped forward to serve as Election Officials this year, which allows us to increase the number of places people can vote,” said Passmore. “As a local government administering a general election, our goal is always to ensure the process is open, fair, and as accessible as possible. We encourage all residents to participate in the democratic process either by running for office or by voting this October.”