MMBC Partnership to Generate $1.1 Million per Year

Release date: 
February 1, 2017

Kamloops, BC – In April 2017, the City of Kamloops will join the growing list of BC communities participating in the Multi-Material BC (MMBC) packaging and printed paper recycling program – a partnership that will generate approximately $1.1 million in revenue per year for the City.

“We’ve been working with MMBC for three years to become a service provider for their program,” says Glen Farrow, Streets and Environmental Services Manager for the City. “In addition to the increased revenue, MMBC will also cover the costs of hauling and sorting recyclable material, saving the City an additional $800,000 per year. This may allow us to expand the curbside program to include organic waste collection in the future.”

The MMBC program will change what is accepted in the curbside recycling bins. Under MMBC, residents will now be able to recycle items not currently accepted curbside, such as empty aerosol cans, pizza boxes, and pet food bags. The most significant change will be that residents will no longer be able to put glass or soft plastic film (plastic shopping bags, plastic wrap, etc.) into their curbside bins. These products will be accepted at the existing MMBC depots: Lorne Street Bottle Depot and both locations of General Grants Recycling Centre.

“This small change will go a long way for the City,” says Mayor Peter Milobar. “We will happily accept $1.1 million in exchange for taking glass and plastic film out of the curbside program.”

Residents can expect to see an education campaign launch in the coming weeks to outline the new recycling do’s and don’ts.

“Education will be a big part of this program,” says Farrow. “We need the help of residents to properly sort recycling. Placing materials that don’t belong in the curbside recycling bins can result in significant penalties to the City.”

These changes are expected to come into effect in April 2017.

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