Kamloops to Participate in the National Point-in-Time Homeless Count

Release date: 
January 26, 2018
Kamloops, BC - In March 2018, the City of Kamloops will take part in a coordinated effort to measure homelessness in 60 communities across Canada.

During a 24-hour period, trained volunteers will survey individuals who are staying in emergency shelters as well as people on the streets. When the results are tallied, the Point-in-Time (PiT) Count will provide a “snapshot” of homelessness in Kamloops by providing the minimum number of people experiencing homelessness in our community that day.

The PiT Count will help improve our understanding of the circumstances of people who are affected by homelessness in our community. The survey will provide key data on age, veteran status, amount of time spent homeless in Kamloops, sources of income, etc. A report on the results of the PiT Count will be available to the public, and in the future, successive counts following the same methodology will allow us to measure progress toward our ultimate goal—ending homelessness in Kamloops.

“We will be looking to recruit about 150 volunteers for this event. Anyone over 16 years of age is welcome to apply and there will be different roles available, from walking the streets conducting surveys to helping with logistics. A link to where to sign up can be found on our Facebook page, Everyone Counts – Kamloops as well as on the City’s website,” said Lisa Bajkov, PiT Count Coordinator.

The PiT Count is funded by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy. With this funding, a PiT Count Coordinator and an Indigenous Engagement Coordinator have been contracted to lead and organize the count. A community‑based PiT committee consisting of representatives from non-profit agencies, urban Indigenous organizations, Interior Health, people with lived experience of homelessness, and Indigenous Elders meet regularly to provide input on the survey questions, volunteer recruitment, and conducting the count.

Media Contact:
Natalie Serl, Social Development Specialist
City of Kamloops