Kamloops Museum and Archives to Undergo Exterior Maintenance Work

Release date: 
June 10, 2021

Kamloops, BC – The Kamloops Museum & Archives (KMA) building, which is located at 207 Seymour Street, will soon be receiving a facelift as part of required building maintenance. The work aims to preserve the architectural heritage of the original, mid-century modern building, which is now almost 65 years old.

Photos Courtesy of KMA: Library-Museum building, Seymour Street and 2nd Avenue, 1977 (Left) and 2021 (Right).

For this building, maintenance work is about more than keeping up appearances. Crews will be repairing damaged wood and removing aging signage. Drafty windows will be replaced with tightly sealed units using UV protected glass to help preserve the museum’s valuable collection and artifacts, all of which require storage in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments.

To accommodate foundation work and repainting of the museum, the vine on the west side of the building has been removed and will be replaced by new greenery at the front of the building. “The removal of the vine was a sad necessity,” said Matt Macintosh, the City’s Museum Curator. “It’s been a dynamic, living part of our building. We’ve been advised that its root system poses inevitable risks for the building—and by extension, the museum collection. So it was decided that now—in and among other work intended to prevent larger future costs—was the best time to take it down.”  

Work is anticipated to begin in June and to take up to three months to complete. The KMA will remain open during this time, and museum visitors will not be impacted.

The KMA is open regular operating hours, with access to the archives available by appointment only. Learn more at Kamloops.ca/KMA.