Kamloops Fire Rescue Urges Residents to Avoid River Ice

Release date: 
January 14, 2020

With ice forming on the Thompson Rivers, Kamloops Fire Rescue reminds the public that going onto the ice can be exceptionally dangerous at this time of year. Continued overnight temperatures below -20°C can form ice very quickly, but it has not been cold long enough for the ice shelves to solidify. Unstable ice combined with water currents make river ice highly hazardous for the public and equally risky to any rescuers that must go out on the ice.

Kamloops Fire Rescue urges residents to use extra caution near the rivers, especially with pets that may run out on to the ice. Wildlife and pets are especially at risk of falling through the ice.

If your pet gets into trouble on the ice, please do not attempt to rescue your pet yourself. Ice rescues are hazardous operations, even for KFR members that are trained and equipped. If a pet or wildlife gets into trouble on the ice, please call 9-1-1, and stay on the shore. Often, a pet will be able to get themselves out of trouble while their owner ends up falling through the weak ice. The best plan is to take precautions to keep yourself and your pets off of the river ice at all times.