Kamloops Fire Rescue Urges Caution During Burn Awareness Week

Release date: 
February 6, 2019

February 2–9, 2019, is Burn Awareness Week, and Kamloops Fire Rescue is asking you to look around your home for potential burn hazards.

The three most common causes of burns in children are:
  • Hot drinks - Always keep a lid on drink containers and keep them out of reach of children—most people don't realize their coffee can cause third-degree burns.
  • Tap Water - Hot water tanks are pre-set at a temperature that can burn a child’s skin in less than one second. Hot water tanks should be set to 49 degrees Celsius.
  • Contact burns - The glass on your gas fireplace is hot enough to burn a child’s hand instantly. Even the pilot light on some fireplaces is hot enough to cause burns. Place a fireproof barrier around your fireplace to prevent smaller children from getting burned. Little ones are faster than we think, and we can’t always get to them in time to prevent injuries.

For more information about burn prevention or how you can donate to help people that have suffered burns, please go to Burnfund.org.