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Kamloops Fire Rescue Ask Residents to Remain Vigilant of Dry Conditions

Release Date

Environment and Climate Change Canada is calling for a heat warning in our area. With this heat event, the risk of interface wildfires increases. Residents are asked to be vigilant and aware of the dry conditions.

Residents are encouraged to stay on high alert when it comes to the fire risk in our area. Ensure cigarettes are extinguished and discarded in an appropriate manner. If you smoke in your vehicle, consider using an empty pop or water bottle to safely place cigarette butts for disposal later.

If you see a fire within city limits, dial 911 and report it. Outside of city limits, call 911 or *5555 from a cell phone. When reporting, the following information is key to first responders:

  • exact location and size (the size of a campfire, a car, a house, a football field, etc.)
  • colour, density, and volume of smoke (white, gray, brown, black, etc.)
  • wind speed and direction (which way the smoke blowing)
  • type of vegetation and spacing (in trees, grass, etc.)
  • terrain (steep, flat, etc.)
  • valuables at risk (near homes, structures, etc.)
  • access (near a main road or on a trail, street names, etc.)
  • resources currently in use (someone already fighting the fire and with what)

Residents are encouraged to register for Voyent Alert!, the City’s emergency notification system. In the event that the City needs to issue an evacuation alert or order, this system will be a vital way of alerting and updating the public. If used, the notification will include important information about the event and instructions for if action is required. 

Registering for Voyent Alert! is free, simple, and anonymous, and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Visit for details, and download the Voyent Alert! app from GooglePlay or the App Store

Kamloops Fire Rescue and the City of Kamloops work hard to keep our city safe. For information on emergency preparedness, please visit