Kamloops Fire Rescue “Kamloops Homesafe” Program a Success

Release date: 
April 1, 2019

In November 2018, Kamloops Fire Rescue (KFR), your public safety professionals, embarked on a new fire and life safety initiative to keep our community safe. This proactive public education program, called “Kamloops Homesafe”, saw KFR suppression staff performing door-to-door public safety visits in various neighbourhoods.

The purpose of these visits was to educate residents on the importance of having working smoke alarms and how to prevent fires in the home. Crews assisted residents with testing smoke alarms and provided information on fire and life safety.

According to Emergency Management BC, working smoke alarms in the home may increase your chance of surviving a fire by 74%. Smoke alarms save lives, and it is KFR’s goal to ensure that there is a working smoke alarm in every home in Kamloops.

Through the Kamloops Homesafe program, crews:

  • reached 585 homes with fire and life safety information
  • spoke with occupants of 251 homes
  • tested 116 residences’ working smoke alarms
  • found 17 residences that did not have working smoke alarms
  • installed or provided smoke alarms to 37 residences

Of the 251 residences where KFR staff were able to speak directly with occupants, nearly 7% did not have working smoke alarms.

KFR will be rolling out its spring FireSmart program in April, with another Homesafe blitz planned for November 2019.

Perform your own home safety check using the checklist on our website at Kamloops.ca/Homesafe.