Kamloops Emergency Support Services Volunteer Earns Provincial Recognition

Release date: 
September 28, 2020

The City of Kamloops is proud to acknowledge resident Roline Sims’ achievement in receiving the 2020 Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer Award for Emergency Support Services (ESS) from the Province of BC. This award recognizes exceptional contributions to emergency and disaster response programs throughout the province. 

“Roline has been a key member of our ESS team for many years, and she currently serves as one of our Deputy ESS Directors,” said Rebecca Cooke, the City's Community Development and ESS Coordinator. “Roline’s selfless work has helped countless residents in our community displaced by fire, floods, or other emergencies.”

The City of Kamloops would like to thank Roline for her dedication to the ESS team and for making Kamloops shine. 

Read provincial news release here.