Introducing the Warner Rentals Field at Hillside Stadium

Release date: 
January 3, 2019

Kamloops BC – The City of Kamloops is pleased to recognize Warner Rentals Ltd. as the new sponsor of the field at Hillside Stadium. “Warner Rentals Field at Hillside Stadium” is part of a renewed agreement with Warner Rentals Ltd. for in-venue naming rights as part of the Tournament Capital Club Partnership Program. The three-year agreement is worth a total of $112,500.

Warner Rentals Ltd. has been an avid supporter of the Tournament Capital Centre since 2014 and has sponsored the “Warner Rentals Championship and Middle Court” in the TCC Fieldhouse and the “Warner Rentals Leisure Pool and Waterslide” in the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. The new agreement will maintain the naming rights in the pool and replace the Fieldhouse court sponsorship with the field at Hillside Stadium. The partnership program will also benefit TRU Athletics, which will receive a portion of the sponsorship money each year to support their athletics bursary program.

“Warner Rentals is proud to continue our relationship with both the City of Kamloops and TRU,” said Ralph Warner, owner of Warner Rentals Ltd. “Warner Rentals Field at Hillside Stadium will continue to support and benefit both the athletes from all across our city, but also our amazing university with its impressive athletics program.”

The Tournament Capital Club Partnership Program was developed to help the City meet its goals of attracting hosting opportunities and supporting local community organizations, while working towards a sustainable financial model. Selling in-venue naming rights to the local business community allows the City to generate funds to support event bidding and hosting and provides local businesses with the opportunity to promote their companies and support their community.

“We are so proud of our partnership with Warner Rentals Ltd.,” said Sean Smith, the City’s Business Operations and Events Supervisor. “Through partnerships, Kamloops is able to repeatedly shine as Canada’s Tournament Capital and provide our residents with opportunities to stay active and engaged in all stages of life.”

There are several other sponsorship opportunities available through the Tournament Capital Club Partnership Program. Contact Sean Smith at 250-828-3552 to learn more.