HomeFree Council Issues Homelessness Action Week 2016 Call for Proposals

Release date: 
August 15, 2016

Kamloops, B.C. – The HomeFree Council is pleased to announce that this year’s Homelessness Action Week will be held the week of October 10th to 14th, 2016. HomeFree is seeking a Project Coordinator to organize and support communication of community events and activities throughout Homelessness Action Week.

A special event, called Project Homeless Connect, will be held on October 13th at Spirit Square, at the corner of McKenzie Avenue and Yew Street on the North Shore. This event is designed to connect street-entrenched individuals to a range of health and support services, all in one place. The Project Coordinator will organize this event with input from people with lived experience of homelessness, with a goal to encourage transitioning from off the streets and into housing.

Additionally, the Project Coordinator will lead a Point-in-Time Count. The Count follows a prescribed approach established by the Government of Canada to ensure consistency across communities. The Project Coordinator will work with ASK Wellness and the A Way Home’s Youth Homelessness Count Committee to achieve a comprehensive count of all forms of homelessness in Kamloops.

The Project Coordinator is a contract position from approximately September 6, 2016 to approximately November 4, 2016. The position is funded by the Government of Canada's Homelessness Partnering Strategy - a Federal program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness by directly funding projects and initiatives in Kamloops and in 60 other communities.

For more details on the Call for Proposals for the position of Project Coordinator – Homelessness Action Week 2016, please visit www.kamloops.ca/homefree/16-ProjectCoordinator-CFP.pdf. Submission deadline is 12:00 pm on Friday, August 26, 2016.