Health Literacy Forum 2017

Release date: 
October 5, 2017

Kamloops, BC – School District No. 73, in collaboration with the City of Kamloops, is hosting a Health Literacy Forum on October 11, 2017, for 600 grade 6 students and their teachers at the Tournament Capital Centre Fieldhouse.
The Health Literacy Forum is an ignite session for grade 6 students to identify, apply, and reflect on strategies used to pursue personal healthy living goals. Teachers will have the opportunity to participate in evidence-based approaches with their students and will be equipped to apply deeper learning of those practices throughout the school year. 
Keynote speaker Elisa Maruzzo will kick off the day with an introduction to the 60 Minutes Kids’ Club Challenge, inspiring students to take ownership of their health, happiness, and well-being. 
The 60 Minutes Kids’ Club platform has been used in schools around the world to help children build healthy habits in six key areas: physical activity, healthy eating, screen time, hydration, sleep, and mental health. Along with teacher and parent support, kids set goals and track their progress for 30 days. The vision is to develop a foundation of healthy and active living that the kids will build their lives upon. 
Fifty-five peer mentors from Valleyview Secondary School will welcome elementary students to the TCC and be their hosts, spirit leaders, and guides through workshops and activities focused on physical and mental well-being. Workshop topics include:

  • Social Responsibility: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion
  • Well-being: The 60 Minutes Kids' Club Challenge
  • Personal Awareness: BOKS Kids: Active Kids = Active MInds
  • Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: Aboriginal Medicine Wheel - Health and Wellness
  • Building Relationships: Dancepl3y

The research-based workshops are designed to strengthen diversity and inclusion practices and develop a physical literacy inquiry into a lifelong journey of wellness strategies. The Health Literacy Forum supports curricular competencies for Active Living, Social and Community, and Mental Well-being.
Community partners include: PacificSport, BOKS Kids, Dancepl3y, the 60 Minutes Kids’ Club, the Kamloops Adapted Sports Association, and TRU’s Faculty of Nursing and Education. 
Media Contact:
Sherry Stade, Health Promoting Schools Coordinator
School District 73