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Feedback Sought on Active Transportation Plan Update

Release Date

Due to increased interest in active transportation, the City of Kamloops is seeking feedback on an update to the Active Transportation component of the Transportation Master Plan.

As part of an initial public engagement phase, residents are being invited to provide input on the update through a demographic survey and an interactive mapping exercise that allows residents to label gaps and safety concerns within existing pedestrian and cycling networks. Both engagement opportunities will be open until 3:00 pm on Friday, December 8, 2023.

From there, data and gap analysis, safety assessments of existing facilities, and project prioritization will occur. Subsequent public engagement opportunities will be offered in spring 2024 through open houses to gain further insight into the proposed updates to the Active Transportation Plan, including previously unidentified emergent issues and opportunities as well as upgrades to current facilities and identification of new connections, crossings, and routes.

Each prospective improvement to the plan will involve a review to ensure that recommendations are feasible (i.e. constructible and meets current design guidelines) and suitable.

The City’s Transportation Division will incorporate the findings of the survey and engagement sessions to develop an updated Active Transportation Plan within the Transportation Master Plan. Upon completion, the updated Transportation Master Plan will provide clear direction as to how the City’s annual active transportation funding can best be applied to maximize the benefits of the City’s investments.

The current Transportation Master Plan provides a comprehensive, long-term multi-modal guide for the planning and design development of transportation facilities and infrastructure. Among other recommendations, the plan establishes a future pedestrian network of existing and proposed future walking facilities throughout the city. Similarly, the plan also establishes a bicycle network that highlights existing and proposed future cycling facilities throughout the city.

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