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Demolition Starting at Northbridge Hotel

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The City of Kamloops has contracted Clearview Demolition Ltd. to demolish the former Northbridge Hotel at 377 Tranquille Road, with preliminary work beginning later this month. However, residents should not expect to see the structure completely gone until sometime this summer, as much of the work will be debris removal and abatement within the building.

Fences are expected to go up around the property in late March. For the first four months, there will be very little impact to the surrounding neighbourhood, as all work will be contained on site. Security will remain on premises to ensure no one enters the building during the abatement process.

“It’s extremely important that no one other than the professional abatement and demolition contractors enter the building or site during abatement and demolition,” said Matt Kachel, the City’s Capital Projects Manager. “We know this building contains hazardous materials, such as asbestos. While this work poses no health risk to anyone outside the building, proper precautions need to be taken inside. The contractor will erect fences to define their work zone, and it’s important that people respect that boundary.”

Once the demolition portion of the project begins, residents can expect some traffic impacts on Tranquille Road. Closures and changes to traffic patterns will be communicated at that point. The project is expected to wrap up in approximately six months. For updates on this project, visit


The City purchased this property, along with 346 Campbell Avenue, in 2021 to create much-needed affordable and market rental housing in Kamloops and to further the strategic vision in the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan. The decision to demolish the existing building is with the intent to appeal to a broader development market, decrease liability associated with the vacant building, and improve the safety and general aesthetic of the area.

The Tranquille Market Corridor is the historic commercial heart of the North Shore and is identified as one of the key redevelopment areas in the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan. This area is envisioned as a walkable, mixed-use corridor that is pedestrian and transit oriented. To learn more, visit