Community Action Team to Receive Provincial Grant

Release date: 
July 20, 2018

The City of Kamloops is pleased to announce that the Community Action Team (CAT) will be the recipient of a one-time $100,000 grant from the provincial government’s new Community Overdose Crisis Innovation Fund.


The fund was developed to support CATs in high-priority communities to launch local programs, expand partnerships, and build knowledge to effectively respond to the overdose crisis. The City worked with Kamloops CAT members on the grant application and identified projects that aim to:

  • enhance or create wellness events with a culturally supportive harm reduction approach
  • provide social stabilization
  • support peer empowerment and employment
  • address de-stigmatization and human rights

The Kamloops CAT is facilitated by the City of Kamloops and is comprised of several community organizations dedicated to providing a solution-oriented, community-driven response to social and safety issues throughout Kamloops. The City will act as the financial agent for the grant funding, while CAT members take the lead on executing the approved projects.