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City Seeks Further Input to Update the Cultural Strategic Plan

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The City of Kamloops is seeking residents’ input to help inform the update to the City’s Cultural Strategic Plan. This plan will provide direction concerning the development of culture in the city over the coming years. It is a comprehensive strategy that recognizes the diversity of the cultural sector in Kamloops, whether it be amateur or professional participants or small or large organizations from a range of different cultural sectors, such as the visual arts, heritage, the performing arts, and cultural industries.

The Cultural Strategic Plan, which was last updated in 2003, will clarify an ongoing commitment to enhancing cultural presentation, support public access to all forms of the arts and heritage, encourage the growth and development of arts organizations and companies while also promoting the work of individual artists, and support marketing and cultural tourism.  

Residents are invited to participate in the online survey to provide their input on how they experience and interpret culture. The survey will provide key data to help form the recommendations of the updated plan to be presented to Council in spring 2023. The survey takes an average of 12 minutes to complete, and respondents will have the ability to enter to win one of several cultural experiences in our community. This survey is available at and will be available until midnight on October 16, 2022.

This past June, the Kamloops Museum and Archives took the first step to invite the community to participate in a summer-long cultural mapping research project entitled You Are Here, which has been community-wide gathering place to collect data to help inform the Cultural Strategic Plan. The project will continue to welcome input, conduct interviews, and host small group dialogues until the exhibition closes on September 24, 2022.

If you cannot go to the Kamloops Museum and Archives in person, you can share some of your insights via the virtual exhibit on, which incorporates the same ideassharing and mapping as hosted at the exhibit.

This project is done in collaboration with Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and the TRU/City of Kamloops Researcher-in-Residence partnership. Through You Are Here, the City and the Researcher-in-Residence partnership want to understand how, where, and why to create a landscape in which everyone’s culture has a chance to shine. 

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