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City Makes Strong Start on Climate Action Plan Implementation

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The first progress report for the Community Climate Action Plan has been compiled for presentation to City Council, and it shows that the City is on track with many of the action items laid out in the plan.  

“63% of the short-term action items have been initiated in the first year of implementation,” said Josephine Howitt, the City’s Sustainability Program Coordinator and report author.  

The Community Climate Action Plan was unanimously adopted by Council in June 2021 following a comprehensive engagement process with community stakeholders. It sets a course for reducing community greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 while increasing our resilience to the impacts of climate change already being experienced locally.

“While more dedicated work is needed to address climate change adaptation and resilience, the Community Climate Action Plan provides a clear pathway for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from municipal operations and the community more broadly,” said Howitt.

Some of the key short-term actions initiated so far include:

  • Zoning Bylaw No. 55 (adopted in 2021) supports a more complete, compact community.
  • Zoning changes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure for new residential development are nearing adoption.
  • Construction of the Kamloops North-South Bicycle Corridor Project is underway and supports expanded active transportation in the community.
  • Community-wide curbside residential organic waste collection has been authorized by Council, with implementation scheduled for mid to late 2023.
  • More than 100 FireSmart home assessments were completed, including landscaping recommendations for wildland-urban-interface areas.

“Our strong start was recognized last week at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual convention, where the City of Kamloops won the 2022 Community Excellence Award in the Sustainability category for our work developing the Community Climate Action Plan and, importantly, for Council’s decision to dedicate funding to implement it,” said Glen Cheetham, the City’s Climate and Sustainability Manager.

The Community Climate Action Plan features 48 short-term actions (2021–2024), 16 medium-term actions (2025–2029), and 2 long-term actions (2030+).

The first annual implementation report highlights progress made to date and will be updated annually, with a more comprehensive review conducted every five years. 

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