The City of Kamloops Wants to Hear Your Transit Story

Release date: 
January 8, 2021

Kamloops BC – Has transit changed your life? The City and BC Transit want to know how transit has had a positive impact on your life or the life of someone you know. 
Public transit provides so much more than just transportation. It enriches lives, offers equal access to employment and recreation, and helps create opportunities for residents to maintain or increase their overall quality of life, all while working towards reducing traffic congestion and lowering our community’s carbon footprint. 
The City is looking for residents to help to “tell the story” of transit by showcasing that transit is for everyone, every day. “We know that transit has a huge part to play in the fabric of our community. Even with COVID-19 and lower ridership levels on a provincial scale, people in Kamloops continue to utilize transit to get to school, work, and recreational activities. We’re excited about this opportunity to showcase this essential public service that so many in our community utilize as a means of bettering their lives, our community and our environment,” said Cheryl Fraser, Transit Planner for the City of Kamloops. “We want to hear your stories and how your lives have changed because of public transit. We know it happens every day, and we want to help show how transit works towards Making Kamloops Shine.”
Even if you don’t ride the bus yourself, a strong public transportation system is vital for keeping our community and economy moving in the right direction. 
Visit for details on how to submit your story. You story may be chosen to help feature the Kamloops Transit System in future campaigns.