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City of Kamloops Seeking Volunteers for Build Kamloops Working Groups

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The City of Kamloops is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to participate on the Build Kamloops working groups and provide input on the future of community facilities in Kamloops.

Build Kamloops is a visionary program to re-establish the city’s prominence as Canada’s Tournament Capital, foster our recognition as a premier arts and culture destination, and keep pace with our recreation and leisure needs as Canada’s third fastest-growing city. 

"Build Kamloops is about improving the quality of life for all of our residents through more equitable opportunities for recreation, arts, and culture," said Councillor Mike O'Reilly, Build Kamloops Select Committee Chair. "Council has prioritized the development of amenities to create exceptional experiences and new opportunities for residents and visitors."

On June 27, 2023, Council authorized staff to form the Build Kamloops Council Select Committee to provide Council with recommendations to implement the strategies outlined in the Recreation Master Plan and potentially include other needed civic facilities. This committee will receive information through four working groups with the following purposes: 

  • Communications Working Group: to develop and execute communications strategies to keep the public informed on the Build Kamloops initiative. 
  • Concept Development Working Group: to determine what is included in the Build Kamloops program, help prioritize, and work on conceptual designs.  
  • Community User Engagement Working Group: to liaise with user groups on potential projects to help determine what components are in each building and where they could be built. 
  • Program Finance Working Group: to determine the financial strategies for funding the Build Kamloops initiative.  

The City is looking for community members with the following experience and attributes: 

  • demonstrated independence and innovative thinking 
  • proven collaboration while offering constructive ideas in group dialogue 
  • established track record of commitment to the community 

For some working groups, the City is also seeking experience in a field or sector related to architecture, property development, construction, or finance. A resume is required to apply for these positions. 

"These volunteers will play a pivotal role in ensuring this program builds up all of Kamloops and creates opportunities that match the diversity of our community," said O'Reilly. 

The working groups will meet a minimum of four times per calendar year, starting in October 2023. Meetings times will be determined by each working group based on the needs of its membership.

The application period for the Build Kamloops working groups is open until 4:00 pm on Friday, September 22, 2023. Interested residents can apply at