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City of Kamloops Provides Vandalism Cleanup Support Grant to the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce

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Kamloops, BC – The City of Kamloops, in partnership with the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, has allocated up to $50,000 for a Vandalism Cleanup Support Grant Program to support businesses directly affected by vandalism and graffiti within city limits.

“We recognize the impact that vandalism and graffiti are having on the business community and customers,” said Mayor Ken Christian. “We want to help reduce the financial burden of businesses that are required to repair and clean up their properties while we continue to work together with the community to find long-term solutions.”

Eligible businesses, including those that are not members to the Chamber, that have experienced vandalism and/or graffiti on their properties will be able to apply for up to two incidents, up to $500 per incident, to help cover the cost of cleanup and repair, including insurance deductibles. Damage and vandalism must have occurred after the program has been initiated.

The City is working with the Chamber to finalize the program details, including the application process and criteria for administering the funds, and anticipates opening the program to applications by the end of August. The Vandalism Cleanup Support Grant application and full program details will be available through the Chamber once the details have been finalized.

“We need to see not only long term solutions but immediate short-term action now, which is what this funding reflects.” said Acacia Pangilinan, Executive Director of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. “We recognize the need to reduce the current and pressing negative impacts in our community that are putting unnecessary pressure on our economic recovery and we seek to continue this discussion and work with the City of Kamloops and all other respective partners.

“Both the City and Chamber hope that this funding will help to reduce the impact of crime and vandalism on local businesses,” said Sarah Candido, the City’s External Relations Liaison. “We acknowledge that this is not the short-, medium-, or long-term solution business owners are looking for, but we hope that while more comprehensive solutions and strategies are sought and implemented, this support program will offer a small measure of relief. We’d like to offer reassurance that the impacts to businesses and property owners will continue to be discussed at the City level and within the community to identify and work towards a strategy together.”

Businesses that would like to receive a free crime prevention property assessment can find more details and apply online at