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City of Kamloops Issuing Voyent Test Alert on June 8

Release Date

The City of Kamloops will be issuing a city-wide test alert on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at 10:30 am, through its emergency notification system, Voyent Alert!. The test will go out by SMS text, phone call, email, and as a notification through the app, depending on what type of messaging each individual has registered for. 

As some devices automatically offload unused apps, registered app users are encouraged to verify that the app is active on their devices. Residents are also encouraged to open their Voyent Alert! app or log into their account at to ensure their locations are positioned accurately. 

“We want to give our residents an opportunity to experience what to expect in the event of a critical alert, such as an evacuation order,” said Kristen Rodrigue, the City’s Communications Supervisor. “We encourage all residents to register for Voyent Alert! ahead of the 2022 flood and wildfire seasons.”

In the event of an evacuation alert or order being put in place due to flood or wildfire, this system will be a vital way of alerting and updating the public. If used, the notification will include important information about the event and instructions for if any action is required. 

Registration for Voyent Alert! is free, simple, and anonymous and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Visit for details, and download the Voyent Alert! app from GooglePlay or the App Store