City of Kamloops Initiates Consultation on 2022 Budget

Release date: 
November 15, 2021

The City of Kamloops has launched consultation on the next City budget through its online engagement portal,, and will be hosting an in-person budget information session on Monday, November 22. The City’s budget planning process follows an annual cycle, with opportunities for public input in November and February. Each year, the City updates its five-year financial plan to create and maintain the programs and services that contribute to a thriving community and make residents’ lives clean, enjoyable, and safe.

The November public budget meeting is a key budget cycle activity. The meeting will be held on Monday, November 22, 7:00–9:00 pm, in the Norkam Mechanical Group Lounge at Sandman Centre.

At the meeting, the City will inform residents on the 2022–2026 Five-Year Financial Plan. Residents are encouraged to come to the meeting; ask questions; and learn about the City’s financial planning process, how projects are funded, and how the budget is put together. The public will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the provisional budget and share new ideas to be considered in the supplemental budget in future budget years. Representatives from various City departments will be in attendance to answer questions the public may have about City operations.

Feedback from residents on their priorities helps inform City planning and creates a stronger future for Kamloops.

Any residents interested in a sneak peak at the budget are welcome to watch the Committee of the Whole meeting tomorrow at 9:00 am when Corporate Services Director Kathy Humphrey will be presenting the provisional budget to Council members for the first time.

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