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City of Kamloops Implementing Vaccination Rules for Employees

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To protect the health and safety of City staff, workplaces, and the public we serve, and to support the efforts of the Province of BC in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Kamloops announced today that it will be making COVID-19 vaccination a requirement for its employees.

“We have taken employee and public safety very seriously throughout the pandemic and have followed public health advice and orders as the driver for our operational decisions at the City," said David Trawin, the City's Chief Administrative Officer. “We have strongly encouraged our employees to become vaccinated over the past six months, and we feel it is now time to put a policy around those expectations." 

COVID-19 safety measures at the City over the past 20 months have been far-reaching, including mandatory masks, employee health check-ins, social distancing, handwashing, sanitizing, reduced room capacity, increased virtual participation, a work-from-home pilot project, and many other actions. Implementing a vaccination policy at this time is one additional measure to ensure City workplaces, staff, and the public are as safe as possible.

By December 15, 2021, City of Kamloops employees, contractors, and volunteers will be required to prove their vaccination status to confirm they are fully vaccinated. If this proof of vaccination timeline is not met there may be potential options which the City will outline in the policy. The policy will be available by October 31, 2021.

This timeline was chosen because it allows sufficient time for employees who have not yet received their first dose of vaccine to be fully vaccinated. A policy with details of the expectations, timelines, options, and consequences will be rolled out to City employees no later than October 31, which will provide more than six weeks to meet the policy expectations.

BC Human Rights Code accommodations will be made for the few employees who are unable to be vaccinated for a valid reason related to a protected ground