City of Kamloops Home Energy Assessment Pilot

Release date: 
February 3, 2020

The City of Kamloops is on the search for five households to participate in a home energy assessment pilot project. Selected households will receive a free EnerGuide assessment conducted by a Certified Energy Advisor and a home energy retrofit plan, which have a combined value of $850. The retrofit plan will include cost estimates and information regarding the financial incentives available to each selected homeowner should they choose to proceed with the retrofit.

The goal of this pilot project is to give City staff more insight into the potential energy savings, emissions reductions, and costs associated with retrofitting homes that were constructed prior to 1992. This information will be used to create a community energy retrofit program, which aims to increase the number and impact of energy retrofits occurring in Kamloops. Increasing the energy efficiency of existing homes—particularly older homes—plays an important role in addressing climate change, as buildings account for 29% of community emissions in Kamloops.

The City is interested in raising the profile of energy retrofits and the incentives that are currently offered by the Province, FortisBC, and BC Hydro, which are listed on This project will provide some examples of what can be done for homes here in Kamloops.

Participants will be randomly selected from applicants who meet the criteria detailed in the application form. Interested homeowners can find the application at or phone 250-828-3545. The application deadline is February 16, 2020.