City Celebrates Waste Reduction Week October 21–27

Release date: 
October 16, 2019

The City of Kamloops joins other municipalities across Canada October 21–27 to celebrate Waste Reduction Week—an event that collectively encourages people to create less waste in their everyday lives. Each day of the week has a different waste-reduction theme, which will be shared on the City’s social media channels. The themes will touch on the economic, social, and environmental impacts of consumption and waste and what residents can do to reduce these impacts.

Some of the actions the City is encouraging include the following:

  • donating or recycling clothes and textiles that are no longer used
  • moving away from single-use plastics and replacing them with bring-your-own items such as coffee mugs, containers, and reusable shopping bags
  • reducing food waste through meal planning, learning more about best before dates, and getting creative with leftovers
  • swapping, borrowing, or sharing items such as books, clothing, tools, and equipment rather than buying new
  • recycling e-waste properly at electronics recycling depots or by donating technology that still works
  • repairing items rather than disposing of them
  • nominating a waste reduction innovator

“Individual actions may not feel like much, but our collective contributions that happen during Waste Reduction Week and throughout the year can make a big difference,” said Jaimi Garbutt, the City’s Sustainability Educator. “These actions also help build a new mindset that supports a circular economy versus a linear approach where something is made, used, and disposed of.

City of Kamloops staff are taking actions to support Waste Reduction Week by attending lunch-and-learn discussions about the City’s recycling program, hosting a resident-focused recycling how-to course (sold out), and hosting a staff clothing swap.

Local events that are connected to Waste Reduction Week will be happening throughout the city. The Kamloops Repair Café will be at Sahali Centre Mall on October 19. People can bring broken items and learn how to repair them. Also, October 26–27, City representatives from the sustainability and recycling divisions will be at the Kamloops Home Show to share information about waste reduction and sustainability initiatives that are available to residents. Learn more about Waste Reduction Week and how you can get involved at