Boat Launches to Reopen Tomorrow

Release date: 
July 16, 2020

Kamloops BC – Effective Friday morning, the City will reopen the boat launches at Pioneer Park, McArthur Island, and Thompson Drive.

The City closed the boat launches on May 28 due to the rising river levels, however as water levels start to recede, boaters may begin to access the boat launches again tomorrow morning.  

Anyone on the water is asked to use extreme caution and travel at idling speeds to prevent bank erosion.

The section of River’s Trail behind Sandman Centre between Riverside Park and Pioneer Park will also reopen.

Sand and sandbags located at Fire Stations throughout the City will be collected in the coming weeks.

Residents are reminded to still use caution around waterways, culverts, and riverbanks and are asked to stay as far back from the banks as possible. Banks may be unstable as high-flowing water can cause erosion under the visible surface.