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Bin Tagging Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You

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Kamloops, BC—After a record-high year of black bear reports and conflicts in 2021, it is especially important to properly manage your bear attractants. Year after year, garbage is the top reported attractant that leads to conflicts with black bears in Kamloops. Addressing the source of human-bear conflict reduces the risk to human safety and private property and the number of bears destroyed. 

The City’s “Bear Smart” Bylaw is in effect April 1–November 30, and infractions may result in a $100 fine (as outlined in Solid Waste and Recyclables Bylaw No. 40-67, 2021). 

  • Carts should not be placed on the curb prior to 4:00 am on collection day.
  • Do not accumulate or improperly store bear attractants.

Wildlife see improperly managed and unsecured garbage and organic waste as an easily accessible food source. Removing access to these attractants is key to preventing food conditioning, which is a learned behaviour where wildlife associate people and their property as a food source. 

Bin tagging is an educational activity performed by a WildSafeBC Community Coordinator on behalf of the City of Kamloops. It consists of placing a highly visible and removable sticker on residential containers set curbside outside of the allowable times with the goal of educating residents on the importance of properly managing their bear attractants. WildSafeBC provides information on the “Bear Smart” Bylaw but does not enforce it or deliver fines.

For more information, contact the Kamloops WildSafeBC Coordinator at 778-257-7036 or visit

To report a wildlife interaction, please contact the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277). For Bear Smart tips, visit