2019 Another Record Year for City of Kamloops Building Permit Values

Release date: 
January 3, 2020

2019 was a record-breaking year for building permit values in Kamloops. The total for the year reached $288.3 million—marking the third consecutive year that the City has seen such strong construction values.

2018 saw a total of $285.0 million in permits, which was up from $224.2 million in 2017.

"We almost didn’t break the 2018 record,” said Jason Dixon, Building and Engineering Development Manager.

“We were still at $284 million on December 31, but a few more permits were picked up before the close of the year, which brings the official 2019 total to $288.3 million,” he added, noting the whopping 2017–2019 three-year total of $797.5 million.

Dixon attributes the continued upward trend largely to the new Patient Care Tower at Royal Inland Hospital and to developments at Thompson Rivers University; however, there was also significant activity in multi-family and mixed-use commercial/residential projects as well as the redevelopment at Aberdeen Mall.

Mayor Ken Christian says he and Council are very pleased with the work of the Building and Engineering Development Division and notes that the strong numbers signal a vibrant economy in Kamloops, which is in alignment with Council’s Strategic Priorities.

"We are excited about the sustained uptick in building permit values over the past three years. It is a sign that Kamloops is open for business and offers an affordable and a livable community in which you can grow your business and your family,” said Christian.

Looking ahead to 2020, Dixon expects permit values to keep rising, largely as a result of the continued work at Royal Inland Hospital, but he expects activity in the other sectors will continue to be strong as well.

2019 year-end statistics and a history of building permit statistics from 2016-2019 can be found on the City's Building Permit Reports web page.