Open House: Downtown Transportation Choices Strategy

January 15, 2019
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sandman Signature Hotel, Savona Room, 225 Lorne Street.

Kamloops residents are being asked to participate by completing an online survey and sharing their transportation values, priorities, hopes and fears either online at (Contributions for the first phase of this project will be accepted until January 27, 2019) or in person on Tuesday, January 15, during a public open house, 5:00–8:00 pm, at the Sandman Signature Hotel, Savona Room, located at 225 Lorne Street.

All residents commute on a regular basis and use our roadways—how can you make a difference? If your employer provided you with a discounted bus pass, would you use it? If you had access to a car share program, would you keep your car or use it less? If you could get to work in about the same time by bicycle as you do in your vehicle, would you consider it?  

The City of Kamloops is creating a transportation system with a vision to provide “a diversity of safe, accessible, affordable, and sustainable travel choices for all that integrate well, are effective to use, promote healthy lifestyles, and support economic prosperity.” (Transportation Master Plan July 2018). To support this vision, the City is adding infrastructure to make walking, cycling, and taking transit more convenient and we are now embarking on identifying strategies to encourage residents to consider alternative transportation choices than the private automobile for their travel to and within the downtown.