Canada Day

Join us at Riverside Park for a full family-friendly day of activities, food, culture, entertainment at Folkfest, and Art in the Park. The day is capped off with a spectacular fireworks show to celebrate Canada.
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Cultural Associations
Kamloops Multicultural SocietyAs more and more people have become aware of the Federal government's policy on multiculturalism and the multicultural issues facing their community, the role of the Society has increased considerably. It is now an umbrella organization for over twenty local ethnic groups, representing over 1000 individuals, as well as a number of associate members. Its mandate is to foster understanding and mutual respect between members of all races and religions.
Kamloops Chinese Cultural AssociationThe Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association (KCCA) was incorporated in 1977. We are a non-profit organization working to enhance our community, contribute to the betterment of our children, and to the society in which we live. We also contribute to the City of Kamloops for enhancing the Kamloops Chinese Heritage Cemetery. We are members of the Kamloops Multicultural Society and we participate with the Kamloops Immigrant Services to promote diversity and good neighbour relationships. Our mission is to inspire greater knowledge of Chinese culture, promote cultural exchange, engage and educate our community in the human history of the Chinese in the Kamloops region by preserving and sharing collections, stories, and memories to enhance the general community's social welfare.
The Can-Ital Ladies Society and Colombo LodgeThe Can-Ital Ladies Society is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1964 by a small group of 20 ladies. Today, this membership has grown to close to 100 ladies incorporating several generations. The aim of our Society is to promote friendship (cultural and social) and to raise money for charitable causes. Since 1996 we have contributed over $800,000 to various charities in our community. We continue to work together to assist with charitable projects and as well we play together to promote our Italian heritage and build awareness of our beautiful culture. This year at the July 1st FolkFest celebration we are featuring an array of baking from the various regions of our membership: The famous peach cookies, crostoli, biscotti and amaretti just to name a few. Look for us at the Little Italy Booth on Canada Day.
The Kamloops Highland Games SocietyThe Kamloops Highland Games was started in 2008 by a handful of volunteers, and was incorporated as a society in 2010. We are on our 10th annual Highland Games this summer and we have grown lots in the last 10 years. We started out as just a Highland dancing and Pipe band competition. To add to that we now have Heavy Events athletes competing, Solo Piping and drumming, Agility Dog demos, SCA Sword Fighting, Beer Gardens, Scotch Tasting, Bouncy Castle, kids heavy events, Retail and food vendors, Face painting, and much more!! Don’t miss out on hearing the 6 Time World Champion Pipe Band, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, as they perform for opening ceremonies at 12:30pm and compete later in the Afternoon. Our Society is all about promoting our Scottish Culture and heritage, please come check out our booth at Canada Day…..Discover your own Clan and Crest, listen to some bagpipes, check out the equipment used by the Athletes, and watch some traditional Highland Dance. Get a taste of what is to come on July 14th at Albert McGowan Park!
Kamloops Immigrant ServicesKamloops Immigrant Services (KIS) is an agency devoted to welcoming immigrants and newcomers to Kamloops and the surrounding areas. This agency is administered by Kamloops Cariboo Regional Immigrants society – a registered non-profit society and charity. KIS provides a host of confidential services free to eligible participants. Our primary goal is to support newcomers to settle into the community and assist with integration to Canadian society through a welcoming and inclusive philosophy.
Kamloops Japanese-Canadian AssociationThe KJCA is a social, cultural organization whose purpose is to foster fellowship amongst its members, to assist in community activities that will be for the benefit and welfare of the community, and to participate in the furtherance of the Japanese culture and heritage.
Kamloops African-Canadian Heritage Association

The African-Canadian Heritage Association of Kamloops was formed to be:
1) …a place to socialize and give back to the society
2) …of benefit to individual members since most of us are professionals in our field
3) …of benefit to our children
4) …impactful in our community through donations, volunteer services and other means.

Kamloops Hindu Cultural SocietyThe Kamloops Hindu Cultural Society serves to foster co-operation and a sense of community to residents of the Thompson region who celebrate Hindu culture and its noble traditions with the aim of assisting charities in the region that stand to benefit from the society's volunteering and fundraising efforts. Contact:
Kamloops Fil-Can Society (Philippines)The Filipino Canadian Association strives to represent good quality traits of Filipino people. This includes helping one another to attain memorable goals, building a promising future and promoting equality no matter which part of the globe we live in. We call it "Bayanihan". This means that, as Filipinos, still practice, respect & share our culture with Filipinos who haven't been to our Mother Land and with other people. The Filipino-Canadian Association in Kamloops is a non-profit organization with the following purposes:
1) To preserve the Filipino Culture and Heritage
2) To develop closer and harmonious relationship among members of the Filipino community in Kamloops and District.
3) To put up a good image of the Filipino community in this area.
4) To foster equality and respect among members regardless of sex, age , color, social standing, religious belief and political affiliation.
For the upcoming July 1st FolkFest 2018 celebration, we will have a food booth with authentic Filipino delicacies and a display booth of Filipino Heritage. We also have a cultural talent and dance presentation. We have a very active Filipino Community that promotes our Culture and traditions.
Kamloops Taiwanese Cultural SocietyKamloops Taiwanese Cultural Association is a non-profit organization formed in 2004 and entirely sponsored by Mr. Sunny Lee. Our association’s purpose is to share the beautiful Taiwanese culture, support the local Taiwanese-Canadian ethnic community, and enhance friendship and cultural exchange. We also provide emergency aid and other assistance to Taiwanese students and visitors. For this our association was highly praised and received recognition from the Taiwan Embassy over the past 14 years. Our cultural center is located at 413 Tranquille Road in Kamloops. There is no membership fee required. We welcome any one to visit our center and participate in our various activities. On Canada day, we will have display booth and drink booth set up, as well as Taiwanese performance on the stage. Come visit our booths!
Kec Kec (Sister's) Group - Lillooet First NationsOur group is made up of 7 sisters and our families. We do Concessions & Catering Jobs and many other activities to assist our members with personal development, such as: sports like hockey, rodeo, soccer, horse trick riding, etc. to promote family unity. We have four fluent St’at’imc language speakers and one Thompson/Okanagan language speaker. Most of us understand our mother language but don't speak it fluently. Our Family originates from Ts'kw'aylaxw First Nations, but live in Kamloops, Merritt and still in Ts'kw'aylaxw (Pavilion). We're very proud to be First Nations people. Our families still hunt, fish and dry our fish on the Fraser river, gather our traditional foods like berries, wild fruit, mushrooms, celery, and rhubarb when ready and prepare for winter use. This has been traditional and strong in our families’ culture. This year our food tent will feature Bannock, Chili, and ‘Indian (bannock) Tacos’.
Kamloops Irish-Canadian CommunityThe Tara School of Irish Dancing was opened in Kamloops in 1997, and they have enjoyed participating in Canada Day celebrations for many of their 21 years in the community. Canada Day is one of the highlights in their year of performances. The audience are encouraged to clap along with the music (if they feel like it), as it will only encourage the dancers even more in their performances! The Tara School of Irish Dancing information booth will showcase past shows and performances in the Kamloops community, and the public can learn more about their school and about upcoming classes which will be offered in September 2018. There will also be a display showcasing Ireland and its culture with music, dance, and other Irish memorabilia.
Kamloops Thai CommunityThe Kamloops Thai Community group currently consists of 9 members. We hope to support a growing community in the future. We have a regular bi-monthly potluck to get together and keep up our bond by talking and sharing ideas with each other as well as other community people. We like to have fun! On Canada Day we will have a Thai food tent in Riverside Park.
Kamloops Indo-Canadian CommunityThe Kamloops Indo-Canadian Community is comprised of a diverse population of people with cultural roots in India. Made up of both immigrants and descendants born in Canada, many members of this community are connected to The Kamloops Sikh Societies, Hindu Cultural Society, Muslims, Christians, as well as general secular public. Community members have been active participants in the development of Kamloops and British Columbia throughout our shared history. The Kamloops Indo-Canadian community will host an Indian food tent as usual, serving tasty butter chicken and vegetarian dishes.
Cultural Displays
  • Kamloops Multicultural Society
  • Kamloops Irish-Canadian Community
  • Kamloops Taiwanese Cultural Society
  • Kamloops Fil-Can Society (Philippines)
  • Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association
  • Kamloops Immigrant Services
  • Circulo Latino
Food Vendors
  • Kamloops Multicultural Society
  • First Nations: Kec Kec (Sisters’) Group – Lillooet First Nations
  • German Food Tent
  • Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association
  • Can-Ital Ladies Society & Colombo Lodge ‘Little Italy’
  • Kamloops Japanese-Canadian Association (KJCA)
  • African-Canadian Heritage Association of Kamloops (A-CHAK)
  • Kamloops Fil-Can Society (Philippines)
  • Kamloops Taiwanese Cultural Society
  • Kamloops Thai Community (Thailand)
  • Kamloops Indo-Canadian Community
Art in the Park Artists
Alfi EldenArtefact JewelsI design and fabricate rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings from sterling silver, fine silver, gold and copper using a propane-oxygen fueled torch and simple tool kit (saw, files, punches, etc). Ageros jewelry designs might be classic, contemporary, talismanic or influenced by antique or modern designs. Semi-precious stones are often incorporated into the designs.
Alyse SoukeroffAlyse Kirsten DesignsI design jewelry from vintage cutlery and design my own clothing. I use hand tools use as ginders, hammers, and a vice to make my jewelry and create my own patterns from hand drawn sketches for my clothing designs.
Andrew BennettVisual MedicineMy art process includes an array of vibrant acrylic paint colours; painted upon canvas of all shapes and sizes. I incorporate my First Nations culture, along with a contemporary abstract style for my works. 
Anne RurakWillowCraftStoneware functional ware with nature themes flare. Wood fired work compliments Cone 6 line. Cool Tyes help all of us beat the heat of our summer. For the fashionable, outdoor enthusiast, athletes, and four legged friends. Kids designs new for 2018 with some hand printed designs. Fabrici sourced from international bases to offer diverse styles.
Annina FrickWanderlust & FaeriedustWe from Wanderlust & Faeriedust are a duo of two Artisans that work from our studio in Quesnel, BC. We draw all of our own designs and everything gets silkscreened in house by our own hands. For our garments we work with Canadian seamstresses and ethically sewn quality garments. Our wool for all our handfelted wearable Art Fibre Creations is locally sourced, undyed and processed into beautifully wetfelted one-of-a-kind pieces, also in our studio. We also work with Polymer Clay and handsculpt each talisman lovingly, most of them adorned with crystals and other treasures.
ArwenArwen's ApparelDesigner clothing and accessories inspired by ancient cultures and made for the modern gypsy.
Barry TateBarry Tate Art GalleryMy 30x40” paintings usually begin with a very brief pencil drawing of only 1 or 2 minutes, preferring to use my brushes instead.  I use liquid acrylic to produce dynamic watercolor-like blends and effects which gives my work a unique appearance. I often finish a piece with fine hand painted outlines. 
Bernard GillhamOK dream spinnersI take raw copper then design, cut, shape, beat, buff, polish, embellish with high quality crystal to produce whimsical wind art.
Betty Gordon I hand-make my beads, buttons, pins, ornaments and pendants from stoneware, porcelain and Egyptian paste clay. Some of the clay I mix myself. Using my hands and a wide variety of tools and found objects, I cut, shape and apply designs and texture to the clay. I fire the pieces in an electric kiln. On some pieces I then paint on oxide washes and sponge them off to accentuate the texture. I hand paint the pieces with glazes and oxides, and fire them again to 2200ºF. On some pieces, I further accent the design with hand-painted metallic lustres and fire them a third time. When assembling the earrings, pendants and ornaments, I use a small amount of purchased beads to complement my handmade pieces.
My jewelry is unique because each ceramic piece is designed and hand-formed by me.
Bhumika TallaBhumika Salon and SpaHenna made with 100% natural ingredients aromatherapy essential oils and lemon juice added to mixture.  I draw intricate henna designs free hand with a cont that doesn't pierce the skin.  My work is artistic and creative, with details and high quality product and service.  Henna is for those with sensitive skin.
Bill FellFell PhotographyTraditional B & W film photography - all film and prints are hand processed in my darkroom. Prints are matted and framed by myself in my framing studio.
Billie ShauerEarthformpotteryNew studio hoping for something new and exciting. All made by me in clay!
Brittany BlatchfordB's BathAll of our products are made from natural local ingredients. Each product is mixed dry to wet and left to dry for 24 hours, then packaged and placed in storage bins. I have more pictures available of my product upon request. 
Bruce and Grant NyesteMud Sweat and TearsThere are three distinct lines of pottery being produced in the studio at the moment. High fired porcelain and stoneware, both hand built and thrown, Crystalline Glazed pottery, and Honey Pots. All our work is made from our own designs, and where hump and slump molds are used they are also made and designed us. We make all our own glazes from scratch with raw materials, silica, talc, feldspar etc, using recipes we have developed over the last 35 years.
Cathy HealeyEverything Under the SunEverything I make is hand painted and my original designs. Whether it's painted on canvas, wood clocks, magnets etc... I try to come up with fresh ideas every year. I start with my sketch book and build from there. My ideas usually come from my surroundings. I make characters of many animals in my neighborhood.   
Chelsey HawkingsSimply Delish Artisan Enterprises incAll of our products are GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, &  MSG FREE. They are entirely handmade (no machines are used in our production facility). Each product can be made by simply adding water and cooking, however we do provide suggestions of other optional additions that complement each specific recipe. Five of our products (Mexican taco, Smoky Black Bean Quinoa Chili, Hawaiian Chicken Chili, Calico Bean and Minestrone) are designed for the crock pot, the remaining items can be made stove top in 30-40 mins.
Chris de VriesCreighton Valley ApiariesWax is collected during the honey harvest process. After being washed and filtered it is melted and poured into molds which we make ourselves. After wax sets the candle is removed from the mold and finishing touches applied. Bottoms are flattened at this time. 
Honey is harvested from a variety of floral sources. After extraction, honey is filtered and bottled in a variety of size containers. Lids and labels are applied. 
Connie OrrRed Truck FoodsI offer a line of unique preservative free, gourmet preserves and specialty items, including an array of spice rubs, made the old world way, by hand, in small batches using the freshest premium quality ingredients, many of which are sourced locally.  I grow many of the herbs and some of the fruit on my property.  The herbs are dried on racks and measured out per recipe.  All other preservatives are prepared in large pots, then jarred and processed in a hot water bath.
Cory TaylorKnots & Bolts Vintage SalvageCarved solid wood home décor signs, bowls/trays, and reclaimed wood art pieces. For carved signs, our process starts with an idea for a design.  We turn that idea into a digital design file, which is converted to a set of digital "instructions" for our CNC machine.  We cut, sand, stain/paint carefully selected pieces of wood from our locally owned hardware store or from our supply of salvaged wood. Our reclaimed wood art pieces are one of a kind and are assembled one small strip of wood at a time to create a beautiful geometric pattern.
Dave Dobiepottery by dave & familyI make functional pottery, mostly mugs and bowls. I throw all the pieces myself and then alter them. I make all my own glazes and fire in a gas kiln to cone 10. All pieces are lead free and food safe, as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.
David Youngwww.furnfeather.caEvery photo I sell is made in the wild, in the bird or animal's natural habitat. I make, mat & frame all my photos, myself. The cello bags, metal frames & lab-produced prints (superior to home-printed ones) are commercially made, but the key in Wildlife Photography is the actual taking of the photographs, which are all my own. I also sell a few photo instruction DVDs which I have created myself and duplicate at home. 
Dawn LardenOyama Soap Co.All natural ingredients handmade home crafted and very artistic 
Debbie ShuttleworthThe Vintage Spoon StudioI use vintage cutlery and hand stamp words and sayings on them with metal alphabet stamps to produce one of a kind pieces and giftware.
Debra CooperDebs Art CornerWood process - signs, I precut my wood, sand it... paint or stain and then stencil out wording or designs to be put on them, then I have to seal them with a varathane.
Paverpol Figurines - I start with a wire stick man, and a Styrofoam ball for the head and use aluminum foil to builds and shape the bodies. I then cut strips of fabric and dip into the glue and then take out excess and then wrap the doll so it is all sealed up, then I can now dress and drape clothing on the doll and make her gorgeous! I teach this class as well.
My kids felt masks, I have created patterns off the internet, and bought felt, and I double layer the little mask so it has stability and last for awhile, and make different characters or superhero masks and the kids just love them. 
Denise JacquesBébé D'or Children's Blankets & ApparelMultifunctional apparel & accessories for babies & tots. Patterns designed & created by Denise with supreme comfort in mind & to be worn for a long time as the child grows.  Fabrics used-Natural bamboo, stretchy organics, jersey knits. Harem BumPants, BumShorts - Newborn size & one size fits 6 mo-3 yrs, no front/back, accommodate cloth diapers. Reversible Car Seat Poncho: hooded wearable blanket. Reversible Pinafore Dress/Top: Sensory Tactile Security Tag Blankets: Textured fabrics, coarse & smooth ribbons for the child's sense of "touch", different coloured fabrics & ribbons for the child's sense of sight, a crinkle for the sense of hearing. Natural Bamboo Baby Wraps & Blankets
Denise AndersonFacepainting by DeniseMy face painting designs are colourful, fun, and unique. I only use professional face paint that is toy safety rated, non-toxic, and kid-friendly. I have a rainbows of colours for the child to choose from. I do not use a display board with set designs, instead I have large, medium, or small design options. I prefer to work without set designs because it does not limit the options available to the children and it also allows me to be creative and change designs to fit the child's face and personality.
Diane TordjmanyutalFiligree. T. delicate work made with twisted, braided and plaited gold or silver thread. We prepare the twisted threads of different thickness and texture: single, double threads with motifs embossed using our specially adapted anvil. Contrary to classical goldsmith techniques filigree does not allow for conventional soldering so soldering powder is used. The basis of our design work is the grouping of different metal threads side by
side, which are welded together with minute spheres as ornamental additions. Another process we use is wax modeling or casting. Other techniques we employ are embossing, where raised patterns are created in relief.
Engraving would work when we need to incise a design with gold or silver and of course hammering which creates repetitive texture.
Doreen Crozier I make hats in various summer fabrics. Also felted hats, slippers and hand knit socks. I cut out my summer hats and sew them up. My felts are hand knit, then felted. I mostly knit my socks from the toe up.
Doreen Fedor I collect agates and stones from local rivers/lakes and streams. Grind, polish and shape each stone by hand. Some of my pieces are wire wrapped with copper and strung on chains and leather. Other pieces are macraméd using all natural hemp cords which are purchased. Some small purchased beads are sometimes added to the chain or macramé tassel.
Dorothy AllenColdstream PotteryWe are so beyond blessed to share our passion in each individual piece that we make with much love and time that's poured out to each item, then gifted and shared within homes across many countries. We are very thankful for your support and blessing others is one of the things we absolutely LOVE to do! 
Ed JensenTk'emlups TraditionsTraditional knapping of stone, wire wrapping, metal forming, and incorporation of bone and antler
Eldon HillWoodworkCreate, design and carve wooden birdhouses suitable for Sparrow size birds.
Erin MikalishenChained in the LoopsEach of my chainmaille pieces is created by adding individual metal rings into each weave. Different sizes of rings, and wire gauges allow for many weaves and patterns. I have learned many techniques while chainmailling, and have created a wide variety of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, purses. Recently, I started making larger pieces, such as a scalemail bikini top, and a scale shirt. Also, I have recently made a beautiful light-weight silver chain, as well as Niobium and Titanium. 
Frankee BencherFrankee Bencher ArtistI often get inspired by random photos that I see on the internet or a picture that I take on an adventure. I take that image and find a way to make it my own, depending on how I feel at that point in time. I often use photo shop to help bring my vision to life, then I get creative and put it on a canvas, using Acrylic, water colour or even oil. I love to try different styles and keep things interesting. 
Glen MantieGrimwurks PotteryHandmade functional pottery, eclectically styled and emminently practical.
Hannah PennerGaialuna CreationsUnique handmade metal jewellery inspired by nature and human culture. I have been travelling the world learning different techniques and fusing them together to create one of a kind pieces that tell a story. Mixing styles from tribal fusion, to minimalist geometry, wire wrapping, South American filigrana and silversmithing. Using various metal wires and sheet such as silver, brass and copper and natural gemstones. Each piece is individually hand crafted and unique from the rest. Also making practical leather purses with flair, accented with vintage ethnic embroidery from the northern Thailand Hmong hill tribes, with hand braided details, tassels and high quality leather. 
Helena CernigojHELENA MARGARETAI design, knit and crochet all my fiber accessories. I make hand-dyed scarves and knit multi-versatile shawls. I use silks, natural fibers and luxurious yarns to create one of a kind wearable art.
Jacki GallagherPlush OffI develop patterns based on shapes and visuals, then cut fabric and sew and add faces and extra parts depending on size. I then stuff and sew shut. I also make magnets and buttons based on pop culture.
James & Melissa PuchingerPressed WishesWe grow, harvest, press & hand dye (to prevent fading) all of the botanicals found in our original pieces. We handcraft our solid wood frames and finish with stain and/or lacquer. Our original pressed botanical pictures feature a variety of botanicals set upon handmade papers and signed. Organic botanical jewellery incorporates elements found in nature (botanicals, feathers, fish scales) and sealed with an eco-friendly resin.
We also continually demo how to correctly press flowers in a traditional flower press and how to apply onto a variety of surfaces.
Jeanette ArdernJeanette Ardern DesignsI work with acrylic paint and various acrylic mediums to design brightly coloured abstract paintings on canvas, paper, or cradled panel, 1.5" deep with painted edges, no frame needed. I also make crocheted stuffed animals (amigurumi) using 100% cotton exterior and polyfiber interior. These brightly coloured critters are child safe and washable in cold water.
Jennifer ScharfHillside Glass and PotteryI teach sculpture in addition to throwing and will have my wheel with me to cater to those interested in learning how to throw. I have been a sculpture teacher for 20 years teaching mixed media both privately and with school districts in BC. 
Jo McLeodStoneheart StudioI am a natural materials collage artist. I collect pebbles, drift wood & sea glass from the Pacific Coast beaches. Without altering my finds, I produce  unique 2D original fine art... each piece is matted and framed.
Johnny MaChickadee & FriendsWe use sheet metal to make wildbird sculpture. Each bird has many layer of metal feather, and each layer is assembled using hardware and welding techniques. Then, we finished it with enamel paint, making the brilliant color weather resistant.
Judy DeboerThe Glass TreeEach piece is cut out by hand then you have to grind to fit pieces together then hand copper foil and then solder together metal work is all drawn out by hand and then cut with a plasma torch
Judy Mackenzie I paint a wide seleciton of sizes, styles, framed or unframed paintings. I also make my own art magnets, art cards and art prints. Sometimes I paint on boxes.
Judy Watmough All items are thrown on the wheel or modelled by hand. They are bisque fired then glazed using unique glazes I have developed myself
Julie UmbergerJoolz JoolzFrank facets gemstones and creates cabochons using bench tools. Julie creates pure silver pieces from precious metal clay, which are then kiln fired and polished. Both Julie and Frank are silver smiths. Any "beaded" necklaces and earrings are made from genuine Semi-precious gemstones, there are no Swarovski crystals and seed beads in our jewelry.
Karen PalmerPedal to The Metal PotteryI use medium electric fired stoneware clay which I throw on the wheel and slab build my functional and non-functional pottery. I use acrylic paint to create abstract realistic paintings on Canvas.
Karen KilbaSun Peaks Soap WorksSoap products are made from local, raw, natural ingredients and produced in my home soap lab. Each batch is individually unique, no 2 batches turn out the same. Signs a created by hand and painted individually. All designs are hand done and assembled one at a time.
Kate McCurrachScientific CultureI hand draw illustrations, then scan and colour them and make them into buttons, magnets, mirrors, and keychain bottle openers by hand, as well as stickers and postcards. I also use them to make glass tiled earrings, necklaces, and rings. Some of my necklaces are digital images I've created and some are made of hand sculpted clay and hand painted wood pieces I assemble. I make brass earrings from raw brass stampings that I cut from a stamped sheet, file, and polish. I also make earrings from fabric buttons I make and resin cabochons. Finally, I make hand stitched embroidery hoop art using vintage fabrics and quilting cottons and a few sewn items (plush toys and magic wands).
Kathleen DecosseCreative Glass StudioI draw my designs, cut the glass, grind, put in the kiln for 12 hours. Some pieces need paint. Stained glass - I cut, tape with copper tape, solder together then put black patina. 
Keishia Treberartist k.treberKeishia’s original paintings are created with a professional quality acrylic paint on stained wood or stretched canvas, and sometimes with watercolors on paper. A lot of her supplies are purchased at local shops, Canadian websites, or made in her father’s wood shop. Keishia also hand makes her framed prints with a rustic style rough cedar wood also purchased locally. Her magnets and ornaments are also hand cut from branches she finds in bc with mini images of trees/birds sketched on. All prints and cards are printed at a professional studio in Canada and then matted or framed by the artist.
Kelly TaylorMore Bark Than BiteI gather cottonwood bark from the valley and mountains in Kamloops region and using knives and chisels, I hand carve all of my pieces.
Kelly PerryArt by KCPPaintings and prints I create. Scarves and tops etc. printed and sewn by VIDA LA. USA using my art and name on each item at time it says Kamloops under my name. Pillows are screenprinted by me.
Kim LampmanKimi DesignsMy designer jewelry incorporates Sterling Silver, Titanium, Swarovski Crystals, Semi-precious stones, and wonderfully colourful beads. Each and every design is handcrafted using a range of equipment including hand shears, saws, pliers, dowels, hammers, a Dremel, and or buffing equipment. Most of my earrings retail between ten and twenty dollars, and pendants, rings, bracelets, and pins between ten and fifty dollars, making my jewelry truly affordable for all walks of life.
Kristina BensonKristina Benson ArtI create my artwork using various techniques and mediums including; acrylic painting on canvas; water colours; line art illustrations in sketchbooks; photography. All pieces are unique and created with intention. I then design this art onto Leggings, Yoga Leggings, Capris, Kimonos, Scarves and Beanies. I found a way to serendipitously merge my passions of art, design and yoga. This wearable art often will have words or quotes on the legs, such as ‘Let Go’ or ‘Love’. The art is vibrant, colourful and stands out from the crowd!
Krystal JeffreyFaceitfacepainting.comEvery face I paint is a unique work of art. I also bring jewel clusters that I have handmade before I come that can be glued to the face as an extra fancy touch! 
Kurt FeschukMetal IceEach of our pewter pendants and bracelets is crafted by hand. The process begins with an idea or word developed into a design idea and refined. We cut the design into a heat tolerant plastic and use this to make a mold. We cast small batches of pewter pendants in our home studio. Each piece is hand finished on a buffing wheel and assembled using our unique slip grip cords. We package each piece by taping it to an individually designed card. The cards contain write-ups that we have researched and written explaining the design and symbolism.
Laurel FredinLaurel's BoutiqueAll my pottery is wheel thrown, some is altered and it's all food safe using cone 6 firing techniques. I also paint with water colour, acrylic and alcohol inks. 
Linda ZepikNatural WondersI create one-of-a-kind hand crafted pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets using precious and semi-precious stones, copper, bronze, sterling and fine silver.  I create pieces using an oxy/propane torch and other hand tools to make my pieces. 
Lydia McEvoy 1. I think of designs which I can do with my purchased wires, beads, connectors, clasps and others.
2. I think of ways  to execute my design, like when I am working with wire. I try my technique and practice until I get  the shape that I like.
3. In working with stringing wire, I think of color and shape combinations, when I see that the combinations are working harmoniously together, I string the beads and finish them by putting the clasp. I also make my own clasp if I have no clasp that matches my work.
4. I make my own pendants out of the beads that I purchased.
Magi Buchanankarma naturalsMeasure and weigh fats and liquids (lye), mix till blended, mold, and cut. All natural ingredients. Blending essential oils blending organic herbs with Himalayan salt in grinders and refill bags. All my own recipes, brine, mixes, rimmer salts, finishing salts.
Malcolm MasonBigfoot LeatherUsing top quality leather, my wife and I produce belts, bracelets, wallets, key fobs, holsters, rifle slings, etc. This is all done in our workshop in Kamloops.
Mark HemmingsonSorrento StonewareAll of our wares start out as a lump of raw clay and is transformed into a finely crafted art-object in our hands. Mark prefers to work on the wheel and throws the majority of our functional pots. Amongst the variety of wares he creates, he’s become known for his beautiful large serving bowls. Sheryl works on the wheel as well and enjoys hand-building with clay slabs, or just working free form.  She creates a wide variety of items including both functional and sculptural pieces. Sheryl is also the glaze master of our operation.
Our work is twice fired in an electric kiln reaching a final temperature of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. Our glazes are made from scratch, using various dry goods and earthen materials. Sheryl is always experimenting with new glazes that she uses on her vases, Sculptural pieces, and Yarn Bowls. Our functional wares are glazed in four food safe colour lines. Our two main lines are the blue/green salmon wares and a black / bone combination found on our classic dinner ware line. 
Mark WongB-Line DesignWe create 3 dimensional objects out of 3/16 to 1/2 inch material. The metal is cut to the desired length on a chop saw, the raw ends de-burred then bend around jigs to the desired shape, pieces get welded together, polished with a wire wheel and painted with 2 coats. 
Marla TinneyLove Me KnotsI create hand wired glass and semi precious stone jewelry pieces. My collection consists of wire wrapped fused glass pendants, semi precious stone and crystal charm bracelets, hand wired crystal earring, leather wrapped semi precious stone wrap bracelets and polymer clay children's charms and earrings. I shape all my clay by hand and do not use any molds.  They are all unique in their own way.  
Marney Bethell I am the author and publisher for books based on photographs that I have taken of Knutsford Homesteads and Barns. I do the research of the history of the buildings, write the books and print and bind the books. I am working on the newest book which will include Kamloops and area homesteads. I also have 2 children's books based on my photography of the animals on our ranch. I also do cards- blank and seasonal of my photos and will produce a hand-made cloth book bag.
Michele Tenning All items are hand-built by myself and my husband. The metal items are plasma cut using a sheet metal and hand polished. Clay items are all non functional clay. The beads are always a craft show favourite as customers can create their own art projects. 
Michelle FinlaysonPottery for YouI buy blocks of clay from Greenbarn Pottery and cut into smaller pieces. I then wheel through or handbuild a piece. After drying, trimming, and decorating, I bisque fire my pieces. Then I glaze and paint my pieces and fire again to a higher temperature. All functional pottery is dishwasher safe and ovenproof.
Monique MasonDéja Spoon (formerly Monique's Jewelry Designs)I make jewelry and giftwares using vintage silver plated cutlery and serving trays.  Each piece of cutlery is bent, cut, ground, drilled and polished in preparation for assembly of my products.  Many customers have commented that the finish on my spoon jewelry is the best they've seen.
Murray & Annette We start with undyed saddle leather. Leather is wetted and allowed to almost dry when we apply design and texture. Upon drying we dye either by hand or airbrush.  We do a balance of on of a kind and some by hand bulled engraving, but all designs are original to sunburst.
Nicole LinkThat DARN Yarn Shop and Fibre MillArtisan yarn. Right from the sheared sheep to knitted items. 
Olga CuttellOladesign.caOriginal pieces: watercolors or acrylic ink on watercolor paper, framed.
Art Prints: The original is then scanned, using a high resolution scanner, and resized into one of five different sizes. An Epson Pro 7900  large format printer, using archival inks, prints the image onto Epson archival art paper. The newly made print is then matted, for the sake of affordable framing. Each is named, dated, and signed. All the work is done at home, by me.
Pocket Mirrors: Using a 3 ½” button press and ‘O’ ring backings, instead of pins, we can secure a mirror into the large button casing and put one of my miniaturized prints onto the backing, which is protected by a thin clear plastic covering.
Prints on wood / coasters / phone cases / bookmarks: Using sublimation machine and cork/stone templates, we transfer art images onto surface under 400C temperature. The result is high water and heat resistant product.
Patricia Kellogg All art cards and prints are reproduced form my original water colour paintings. Scans are made of paintings by a local photographer, then taken to a printer to be made into cards. I have to proof the cards and prints before final printing.
Patty & Joe SmithCustom CNC CuttingWe take 4'x8' sheets of 14 gauge and using a plasma CNC cutter we cut out shapes via a computer, then clean them up, sand blast them, the powder coat them ready for sale.
Ragini MehtaMantra Hair & SpaWe apply henna paste on different parts of the body. The product is 100% natural and lasts for 10-15 days.
Rebecca GrindonThe Glass HouseMade by hand using traditional, time honored Tiffany style joinery methods, and kiln forging unique fused glass art, the creation of each piece is a reflection of the passion the creative process inspires in me. I seek form, color and inspiration from eclectic glass choices, incorporating color, lines, flow, symmetrical and abstract concepts. Design of each piece may come from a scenic photo, a collaboration of ideas, or simply imagination. There is such excitement in seeing a beautiful unconstructed piece of glass and turning it into an artistic creation. 
Sandy BachmannA Touch of GlassI make stained glass panels, sun catchers, garden art, etc. using the copper foil method. Each piece of glass is individually wrapped with copper foil. They are then soldered together. As well, I make fused glass panels, planters, bowls, plates, etc. Each piece is creatively designed and placed in a kiln to be fused together. 
Sean MorinFacebook-SeaMor PhotographyAll photographs by myself - all editing done also personally.
Sharon CrossS. Cross CreationsThese are all my own designs, I buy the fabric, cut, and sew everything myself
Sheila MunroDropping Form DesignsI live in Kamloops, BC and manufacture all my goods in my home studio. I own multiple industrial sewing machines as well as a laser cutter, and I do all the cutting, sewing, designing, painting, assembly in my studio. :)
Shelagh McGinnSheela's Mehndi Henna TattoosUsing natural chemical free henna, the tattoos are hand drawn, some body grade glitter is used as well.
Shelley PennerShelley Penner ArtI paint with alcohol ink as well as acrylic. I love to use texture when painting with acrylics and I also use acrylic when doing the pouring technique for fluid paintings. My alcohol ink paintings vary in size from 4"x 6" to 24" x 48". Having smaller sizes available makes owning an original piece of art affordable for every budget. The pendents I make are handmade with alcohol ink. I first make very small alcohol ink paintings, then cut and put that into an empty pendent tray and seal with hand poured liquid resin to create a beautiful, one of a kind piece of wearable art.
Shirley Pierlot Jewelry: I gather silver spoons and forks, hack saw the handles off, file ends, tapping with a rubber mallet the handle around a ring sizer pole forming a ring or making a pendant... I form a shape with wire, I wrap gemstones and beads around the shape and attach a piece of agate to create a pendant. Plant Terrarium: I gather glass containers filled with decorative rocks and glass beads, soil and plant cactus and succulents with hand painted inspirational rocks.
Steve ChoiChoi's PotteryI produce a full line of functional pottery products all by myself at my home studio:
- Pot wheeling, throwing, trimming, inlaying, carving, glazing, firing.
- I make my own tools/knives for trimming & carving, I make my own color slips and celadon glaze
- Carving as decoration – I carve symbolic pattern on each piece, i.e. crane symbolizes long life and good health, wheat represents abundance and wellness…etc.
 - Biscuit firing in an electric kiln.
- Glaze firing in a downdraft gas kiln up to Cone 10 (1300ºC)
Sydney McKennaSydney McKennaI primarily work in relief printmaking. I sketch out the composition lightly on wood or linoleum then overlap in marker of the final line composition. The carving process comes after where I hand carve even more in detail/depth of the image (ex. fur and plant veins). Once the carving block is complete I ink up the block and run an edition of prints (on paper and fabrics) through a hand cranked etching press and hand printing. Other prints even contain a mixture of relief, silk screen, lithography layers, or hand tinting.
Tamara SmithMystical creationsMy husband and I make original one of a kind fairy houses to put in your garden or front step. They are created out of recycled tree stumps, the shingles are also recycled and the accessories are made from cedar. I also paint tiny birdhouse planter pics to add color to any outdoor basket. I would also like to sell my rock painted birds that are placed on wooden discs. My works are very durable and I think they are beautiful and original .
Tamaralea NellesGarden CrittersWe collect old metal pieces, weld them together, I spray it with a solution to make them rust faster and rinse it off for about a week. I then spray it with a clear spray. 
Terry ThomsonThomson's Finest ArtI do original first nation, nature drawings.
Terryn CorbettOm NaturaleWe plant, grow, harvest, process and then create our natural care products using plants we grow on our farm. Our natural product line is proudly Farm-crafted on our farm in Armstrong, BC.
Timothy NystromEarth Nynja LeatherI start with whole hides of high quality leather, then I draw out my pattern then cut the pieces and sew them together using an industrial sewing machine or by hand stitching. Depending on the design I am working on the last step will usually be to attach any hardware such as d-rings or buckles. A lot of the items I make are then hand painted using leather dyes in order to create a unique, beautiful and durable product
Tina IhasSomething Sweet Creative StudioI create handbags, wallets and owls from up-cycled textiles, including scraps from other fibre artists, clothing, and upholstery samples.
Tom BundicTom BundicI purchase various species of rough cut lumber from all over the world. The North American woods I use are from trees I’ve cut down, milled into lumber and air dried for several years. I process 70-80 species of wood from rough cut lumber to refined, complex and unique items. I often incorporate other materials such as: narwhal tusk, mammoth ivory, silver and gold into my work. I do 100% of the work on my unique pieces and the processes are my own creation as well. My contribution to 2014 Art Exposed won 2nd place in the 3D arts category, and some of my work is currently for sale at the Courthouse Gallery gift shop.
Vanessa GaudetLady Dragon GlassworksI am hand forming each piece of jewelry individually. I begin with raw rods of clear and coloured glass and hand sculpt them in a flame to create the desired piece. I make my own millifiore, canework, and hand drawn when needed. I do not use any moulds. I do not use any pre bought beads or other pieces. After 18 years of glasswork I am now carrying 32 different designs, the 5 photos show the quality of my work but please see the website to view more designs.
Vijaya MorrisonRainforest PotteryWe make a broad range of both functional and decorative pottery in our studio using traditional methods such and throwing on the wheel and handbuilding. All of our work is fired from cone 6 to cone 10 reduction. We also do raku and low fire salt ware. Our functional work includes mugs, teapots, berry bowl, butter dishes, lamps, matchboxes, ikebana and much more.
Yael KrakowskiKOOF Handmade Vegan soapHomemade vegan soap, using the cold process method. Oils and butters are melted, then combined with water/lye solution, this mixture goes through saponification process, and the end result is a bar of hard soap. In my soaps I use 95% organic ingredients. Organic oils: Olive, Sunflower, coconut & castor. Butters: Cocoa, shea. I use pure essential oils for fregrance, and herbs, clays, and spices for coloring. The bars are cured for 6-8 weeks. In addition my partner makes cedar soap dishes. In my collection I have scent free 100% coconut oil soap, Sea salt soap, coffee soap and shampoo bars to name a few.
Yvonne BauerAttainable ArtI capture whimsical gesture and movement of each piece of clay art by using the method of hand-building. I further enhance each piece's personality of warmth and spirit by hand painting glazes that create iridescent colour and brilliant reflection occurrences from the Raku firing process.
Art in the Park Community Groups
CFBX 92.5 FMCFBX 92.5 FM is the city's not-for-profit campus/community radio station, a student initiative that is situated on the campus of Thompson Rivers University. Launched in 2001 and on-air 24/7, the station welcomes volunteer programmers from TRU.
Shire of RamsgaardThe Shire of Ramsgaard is part of an international non-profit educational organization (SCA) dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century. Our "Known World" consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. The borders of the Shire of Ramsgaard extend to and include Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Merritt, Barriere and Logan Lake. We welcome all ages that have interest medieval recreation from the fighting arts (armoured, rapier, archery) to science & research-based arts (crafts, skills, and technologies from pre-17th century time period and cultures).
Courthouse GalleryThe Kamloops Courthouse Gallery is a non-profit, co-operative art gallery and gift shop displaying the talents of a number of local (Kamloops, BC and area) artists in the mediums of painting, photography, fibre, clay and glass. The gallery is in the beautiful and historic old Kamloops Courthouse.
Kamloops Photo Arts ClubThis is an eclectic group of male and female photographers of varying skill levels that meets every Wednesday during the school year. Anywhere from 25 to 40 members meet for programs, competitions, socializing, outings and information sharing at the Henry Grube Education Centre at 245 Kitchener Crescent, Kamloops from 7pm - 9pm. The non-judgemental and sharing environment produces a lot of fun and improved photography.
Kamloops MakerspaceWe are dedicated to serving the creative community in the Thompson Nicola region. Our goal is to establish and operate a space in Kamloops where hobbyists, inventors, artists and innovative people from all walks of life can come together and share their enthusiasm and knowledge.
Western Canada TheatreWestern Canada Theatre provides the Kamloops regional community with challenging professional live theatre.
Kamloops Woodworkers GuildOur Mission statement is: Excellence through knowledge and workmanship, sharing ideas, techniques, friendship and camaraderie. We are active in a program for underprivileged kids; we build toys and donate them for distribution in our community and around the world.
Kamloops Art GalleryThe Kamloops Art Gallery is the principal gallery in the Southern Interior of British Columbia supporting contemporary and historical visual arts on a local, national and international level. The KAG acknowledges art to be an essential part of the human experience in nurturing a healthy society. As a leading cultural institution, the KAG is an integral part of the fabric that draws intellectual, social and economic opportunities to our province and to our region.

The Kamloops Art Gallery fosters enjoyment of and interest in the visual arts by researching, developing and producing exhibitions, publications and programs that engage, challenge and inform its various audiences. The Gallery also oversees the development and preservation of a permanent collection that includes regional, national and international art in all media. It also strives to create rewarding opportunities for visual arts professionals and the public.

ArnicaA not-for-profit gallery that provides a supportive environment for emerging contemporary artists. Arnica provides exhibition space for contemporary art that is dynamic, innovative and thoughtful. It also serves as a space for artists to research and develop new work and helps emerging artists in our city, adding to the cultural mix of Kamloops.
Project XX-Fest continues to be the only outdoor summer theatre Festival in the Interior of BC. Each year, through X-Fest, Project X Theatre brings two high quality theatre productions to Prince Charles Park, creating opportunities for cultural enrichment of the city of Kamloops as well as for a fun, outdoor opportunity for families to enjoy time together.
4Cats4Cats Arts Studio is a professional art studio for kids, families and adults! We also offer classes in Mixed Media, Drawing, Street Art, Kittens - Ages 2 to 4 classes, Clay & Sculpture and Specialty themed classes.
Kamloops Art Council Grass Stage

Performances on the Grass Stage at Pavilion ‘C’

In the morning, enjoy the Pokotillo Ukrainian Dancers, sword demos from the Shire of Ramsgaard and the Djembe Django drummers. Taking you through the afternoon is the Lii Michif singers & drummers, Shahrahzad & Mozaik Fusion bellydance, Wishing Well characters, young singer Olive with dad Daryll, 11-year-old drummer Oscar Evenly, Zumba with Nicole, plus Lindy in the Loops. The grand finale is Dance Afreaka! Plus show your talent at the Open Mic Tent by the waterpark, hosted by Alicia Ashcroft!

Transit Information

Transit is FREE on Canada Day. 

The following bus routes will have extended operating hours:

  • Route 1 (Tranquille)
  • Route 2 (Parkcrest)
  • Route 3 (Westsyde Special)
  • Route 4 (Pacific Way)
  • Route 5 (Pineview Special)
  • Route 7 (Aberdeen-Bestwick)
  • Route 9 (Gleneagles)
  • Route 16 (Juniper)
  • Route 17 (Dallas Combo)

They will all have a final departure time of 23:30 from the Landsdowne Exchange except Route 3 (Westsyde Special) which will be leaving at 23:20 from the Lansdowne Exchange.

More information is available on the BC Transit website.