Adoption Process Underway for KAMPLAN, the City’s Official Community Plan

On November 28, 2017, KAMPLAN, the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP), was presented to Council for first and second readings, which are the first steps in the adoption process. After the formal introduction of the OCP Bylaw, Council was able to discuss the plan before voting to advance the OCP to the next steps of adoption.

Next steps of the adoption process include the following:

  • review of the City’s Financial Plan, Liquid Waste Management Plan, and the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Solid Waste Management Plan in conjunction with the OCP - Complete 
  • referrals to government agencies - February 2018
  • a Public Hearing - March 2018
  • third reading at Council - March 2018

Final adoption of the OCP is anticipated in winter 2018.

Watch this video to hear what community members have to say about the opportunities they see for Kamloops in the coming years, and how the OCP will help make these things happen.

The OCP is the result of a comprehensive community engagement process, including input from residents, stakeholders, First Nations, City staff, Council, and the KAMPLAN Advisory Committee. Overall, community feedback on the OCP has been positive, with people expressing excitement about the direction the City is taking in order to achieve the plan’s vision and goals.

The latest version of the OCP is based on community feedback gathered earlier this year during the Phase 3 engagement activities. A full copy of the OCP is available here, as well as a summary of some key changes made to the OCP based on community input, and other supporting documents.