Adopt a Road / Adopt a Trail Program

The Adopt a Road / Adopt a Trail program helps to organize volunteers to help the City clean its roadsides and nature trails of litter. The program, which has been in existence since the 1980’s, currently has almost 100 groups and individuals associated with 140 kms of City roads who help maintain the beautiful appearance of our community and our environment. New in 2018 is the Adopt a Trail program, which allows groups or individuals to help keep our City's trail network litter-free. 

If you are interested in adopting a section of a City street or a trail, please first review the Adopt a Road / Trail contract and then contact us.

Phone: 250-828-3461

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

  1. Complete and submit an Adopt a Road / Trail Application Form.
  2. The coordinator will assign you a road or trail section.
  3. Fill out a supply form to get started on cleaning your road.

Roads & Trails Available for Adoption 

View map of available roads and trails.

Reporting Issues

When cleaning roadsides you may notice City infrastructure that needs attention – a bent sign pole, graffiti, etc. Please report anything that needs our attention using one of the following methods: 

Report an Issue Online Form or through the myKamloops App 
Phone: 250-828-3461 

Adopt A Road / Adopt a Trail Tips
  • Do be careful with glass. 
  • Do wear gloves. 
  • Do wear safety vests provided. 
  • Do use roadside safety signs provided. 
  • Do inform the City of the location of hazardous materials, or items in need of repair. 
  • Do protect yourself from the sun. 
  • Do be aware of traffic hazards. 
  • Do be aware of wood ticks. 
  • Don't touch any hazardous materials (eg: car batteries; animal waste such as bones or fur; needles; etc).
  • Do have fun!