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Water Conservation

Water is critical to our city and to our environment, therefore, efforts to conserve water should occur year-round. Reducing the amount of water we use helps protect our ecosystems and reduces the energy used to pump, treat, and distribute water.

Snowmelt and rainfall contribute to the water supply across British Columbia, however, precipitation is limited in the summer months when the demand for water increases and the supply available decreases. In certain years when the snowpack is limited and rainfall amounts are less than average, drought conditions can occur and water conservation efforts are even more important to protect the water levels in our rivers for fish and aquatic species. For information on the City's Drought Response Plan, visit

      “Being WaterSmart is important, no matter what the conditions. We all draw from the same water source and as a city, we must collectively make a commitment to reduce our overall water usage. I encourage residents to make small changes to help protect our water supply and our environment."
      Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson

      Waterworks Bylaw No. 12-31 includes annual watering restrictions that are in effect from May 1–August 31. No sprinkling or irrigating is allowed between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm on any day. First offence will result in a $100 fine; each subsequent offence will result in a fine of $200.

      • Even addresses may sprinkle or irrigate only on even numbered days.
      • Odd addresses may sprinkle or irrigate only on odd numbered days.
      • Complexes with internal addresses are to use the internal address to determine watering days.
      • Watering between midnight and 6:00 am is restricted, but is allowed if sprinklers are controlled by an automatic timer.
      • All outdoor handheld hoses must be equipped with a spring-loaded shut-off nozzle and are permitted at any time.

      Water Saving Tips


      Kamloops Water Facts

      • City of Kamloops potable water customers use nearly four times more water in summer than in winter. This is one of the highest amounts in Canada and is predominantly a result of irrigation and lawn watering. The installation of water meters on all residential homes reduced our historic summer water use by nearly 30%, but more must be done to conserve this valuable resource.
      • The City of Kamloops spends over $2 million dollars in electricity costs to pump water around our city! Efforts to reduce water use not only protect water supply but also reduce the amount of electricity we use as a city.
      How to report sprinkling violations

      If you notice someone not following the City’s water use restrictions or allowable sprinkling times, please contact our Community Services Division at 250-828-3409.