Noxious Weeds & Invasive Plants

The Invasive Species Council of BC defines invasive plants as: "any invasive alien plant species that has the potential to pose undesirable or detrimental impacts on humans, animals or ecosystems."

Invasive alien plants are non-native plants that have found their way into a region that they would not naturally be found. They are also known as exotics, or introduced plant species. Because the insect predators and plant pathogens that would control them in their native habitats are not here, these species will quickly spread out of control.

Noxious Weed & Invasive Plant List

The B.C. Weed Control Act imposes a duty on all land occupiers to control designated noxious plants.  The Pesticide Use Control By-Law does NOT apply to pesticides that are applied to control noxious and/or invasive weeds. 

Japanese Knotweed Invasive Plant Alert

Knotweed is a tall, bamboo-like plant that is one of the worst invasive species and is on the top ten list for eradication in BC.  There are currently four knotweed species in BC and one is in Kamloops - Japanese Knotweed.  Learn more about Japanese Knotweed and its negative impact, and what you can do to eliminate knotweed now.