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"Bring Your Own" Initiative

Thinking ahead can make a difference!

The City of Kamloops is committed to helping residents and businesses reduce unnecessary waste and make more sustainable choices. Our Bring Your Own Initiative encourages residents to take action and reduce waste by using reusable bottles, mug, containers, straws, and bags. Taking the B.Y.O. pledge can save you money while ensuring a healthier environment for your family and your neighbours!

Learn more on the impacts of single-use items and what you can do to reduce waste here.

Be an eco hero by using reusable bags—they look great, don't rip, and you can carry lots of stuff. Tip: keep a box of them near your front door so you don't forget to bring one to the store. It's surprisingly convenient and easy to do.

• Did you know that a single-use bag is typically only used for about 12 minutes?
• Did you know that floating plastic shopping bags can be mistaken to be jellyfish by the marine animals who consume them?
• Plastic bags are among the top 12 most collected items of litter in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.


All that java in those one-use to-go cups can create a lot of waste and are so 2010. A reusable mug looks better, works better, and saves money. Keep your beverage hot in a stylish reusable mug and look cool doing it.

• Many coffee shops will discount your beverage for using your own mug.
• A good-quality reusable mug can keep your bevvy hot or cool for hours.


Keeping hydrated is so important! Why not kick the habit of using one-time use plastic bottles and get yourself a stylish reusable water bottle. Bring it on the go, and fill it up at the gym, school, work, or your local coffee shop.

• Did you know that Kamloops tap water is “top shelf” thanks to our state-of-the-art water treatment centre?
• 1,000 litres of tap water costs less than $1 in Kamloops; 1 litre of bottled water can cost more than $2 in a store.
• Plastic beverage bottles placed as the top three most collected litter item in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


Go plastic free and request “no straw” wherever disposable plastic straws are being served. Spread the word on how you are helping to stop plastic pollution by avoiding single-use products.   

  • Did you know that disposable straws are among the top five items collected in shore line cleanups according to the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup data?
  • Did you know that plastic straws are not recyclable and often end up in our environment, where they will outlive us for generations to come?
  • If you need to use a straw to drink out of a cup, consider plastic-free alternatives such as stainless steel, paper, or even pasta.


Packing a waste free lunch for school or work is the right step to waste free living. Reusable containers can help reduce the amount of daily waste and they can also help you pack healthier and more affordable lunches.  Who doesn’t like that? Tips for a waste free lunch:

  • Replace plastic sandwich bags, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil with a reusable container.
  • Plan ahead and prepare more food at dinner. Pack the leftovers in reusable containers for lunch the next day.
  • Avoid single serving portions and buy in bulk. Items like yogurt and snacks are great examples to fill your reusable containers with.

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