Wood Stove & Fireplace Rebate Program

Operating in partnership with the BC Lung Association and the BC Government, the Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program aims to motivate BC homeowners to swap their old, uncertified wood burning appliances for more efficient, cleaner burning models. The program is offered in communities around the province and provides funding to promote the exchange to replace old wood burning appliances.

The Wood Stove & Fireplace Rebate Program (WSFRP) is offered by the City of Kamloops as a local wood stove exchange program. Residents located in the City of Kamloops may be eligible to receive up to $1,600 in rebates for upgrading their old, uncertified wood‑burning appliance for a new, low-emission, certified appliance.

Please note that rebates are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. One rebate per customer. A maximum of 40 rebates will be issued by the City of Kamloops this year. 

Update June 2018: The 2018 program is fully subscribed. The City of Kamloops is considering submitting an application for the 2019 Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program. Please check back to this web page for program updates. 

Did you know you may also be eligible for a Connect to Gas rebate from FortisBC? Program details can be found at www.fortisbc.com/connecttogas

Available Rebates
New Appliance Type Available RebatesRebate Provider
EPA Certified Wood Stove$250Province of B.C.
 $250City of Kamloops
 $500Total Rebates
Wood or Pellet Furnace$250Province of B.C.
 $250City of Kamloops
 $500Total Rebates
Electric Fireplace$250Province of B.C.
 $250Total Rebates
Pellet Stove$400Province of B.C.
 $400City of Kamloops
 $800Total Rebates
Natural Gas Fireplace$400Province of B.C.
 $400City of Kamloops
 $300Fortis BC
 $1,100Total Rebates
Heat Pump$400Province of B.C.
 $400City of Kamloops
 $800BC Hydro
 $1,600Total Rebates


Steps of Program Application
Step 1: Find out if you qualify

The following appliances qualify for an exchange under the Wood Stove & Fireplace Rebate Program (WSFRP):

  • a freestanding, non-EPA certified “stove”
  • a homemade or “barrel” stove
  • an “airtight”, non-EPA-certified fireplace insert or tube-type heat exchanger with a faceplate and door (e.g. the “Free Heat Machine” or Welenco) that is presently installed in an open-hearth fireplace
  • a non-EPA-certified “wood furnace” (ducted, forced air, home heating appliance) - note: this may only be replaced by an EPA-certified wood furnace or pellet furnace
  • a wood-burning cook stove
  • an open-hearth fireplace (must receive prior approval from the Program Coordinator)
Step 2: Shop for a new appliance

Please visit one of the program retailers listed below to arrange the purchase of a new appliance. The retailer will provide you with the necessary rebate application forms for the City of Kamloops and any other rebate providers. Please ensure that the new appliance qualifies under the WSFRP.

Participating Retailers:

The Fireplace Centre
1200 Battle Street, Kamloops, BC

The Fireplace Gallery
111-1339 McGill Road, Kamloops, BC

Appliances that DO qualify to replace non-certified wood burning appliances:

  • an EPA-certified wood stove or pellet stove or an EnerChoice-designated natural gas or propane-fueled stove or fireplace
  • an EPA-certified wood insert or pellet insert or an EnerChoice-designated natural gas or propane-fueled insert or an electric insert
  • an EPA-certified, factory-built wood fireplace will only be accepted if it is replacing a non-EPA-certified wood stove or non-EPA-certified wood insert (not an existing factory-built fireplace)
  • an EPA-certified or CSA B415 certified wood or pellet furnace ONLY if it is replacing an existing uncertified wood-burning furnace
  • an electric heat pump system that meets the criteria for BC Hydro's heat pump rebate or the criteria for the oil to heat pump rebate

Appliances that do NOT qualify as a replacement: 
(Rebates will not be provided to install these appliances.)

  • a new insert to an existing open-hearth fireplace that doesn’t currently have an insert installed in it, an exchange of an existing wood appliance must take place
  • electric stoves or fireplaces (replacement electric inserts are allowed)
  • factory-built (zero-clearance) fireplaces
  • wood cook stoves: cook stoves are EPA-exempt and not covered by this program and may be replaced by an EPA-certified stove or other non-cooking product within the qualification list
  • outdoor appliances: a replacement unit must be installed in an area with four walls, a ceiling, and a door
  • tin heaters/tent stoves or any appliance not used in a residential application 
Step 3: Obtain building permit

A City building permit may be required for the new appliance. The permit fee is waived when the tracking number is referenced. Contact the City of Kamloops Building Inspection Section at 250-828-3559.

Contact your insurance company to find out if there are any savings associated with the exchange of your old appliance. You may also want to confirm if your insurance company imposes any additional requirements.

Step 4: Install appliance and undergo WETT inspection

Schedule your new appliance installation with the retailer. During or after installation, the appliance must undergo a Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspection. Speak to your retailer about inspection details.

Your retailer will decommission and recycle your old appliance.

Step 5: Submit rebate application forms

Please complete the application form and submit, along with any supporting documentation, to the City of Kamloops and other rebate providers (if applicable). Rebates for the WSFRP can be expected by mail after the application submission has been processed by the program coordinator.