Wood Stove Rebate Programs

Wood Stove Rebate Programs

Rebates are available for residents who want to scrap or upgrade their older, uncertified wood-burning appliance. Operating in partnership with the BC Lung Foundation and the provincial government, the Wood Stove Rebate Programs aim to reduce harmful wood-burning emissions from entering our airshed by encouraging residents to decommission older, non-EPA-certified wood-burning appliances as they emit more particulates than newer alternatives.

Wood Stove & Fireplace Exchange Program

City residents may be eligible to receive up to $1,200 in rebates for upgrading to a new, EPA-certified, low-emission heating option. A maximum of 60 rebates will be issued in 2022, and they will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. One rebate per household. This program is available until all rebates are exhausted. Please note that some application forms may expire before the program end date.


Available Rebates

New Appliance Type

Rebate Amount


•    wood stove
•    wood fireplace insert
•    wood or pellet furnace



Electric Fireplace Insert


50% off the
appliance up to a
maximum rebate 
of $700

•    pellet stove or insert
•    propane-fueled stove or insert


EnerChoice designated:

•    gas-fueled stove
•    gas fireplace insert



Electric Heat Pump
Note: The City offers a heat pump group purchase rebate (GPR). Learn more about about how to apply on this page


**Funded by the Province of BC and the City of Kamloops
***Includes funding from FortisBC


Note: The City of Kamloops has implemented the prohibition of Outdoor Wood Boilers, Bylaw No. 45.1. Residents are encouraged to decommission their old outdoor wood boiler and upgrade to a more efficient appliance. Contact the program coordinator for current rebate options.

How to Participate

Authorized program retailers will guide residents through the rebate process, including finding out which appliances can be upgraded, which appliances can be purchased as replacements, and installation of the new appliance.

Program Application Steps:

Step 1: Find Out If You Qualify

The following appliances qualify for an exchange under the Wood Stove & Fireplace Exchange Program (WSEP):

•    a free-standing, non-EPA-certified stove
•    a homemade or barrel stove
•    an airtight, non-EPA-certified fireplace insert or tube-type heat exchanger with a faceplate and door that is currently installed in an open-hearth fireplace
•    an open-hearth fireplace without an existing insert (may only be upgraded to a gas, propane, or electric insert)
•    a non-EPA-certified wood furnace (may only be replaced by an EPA-certified wood furnace or pellet furnace)
•    a wood-burning cook stove

Check if your wood stove or fireplace insert is CSA- or EPA-certified by looking for a label on the back. Speak to an authorized program retailer if you need clarification.

Step 2: Shop for a New Appliance

Visit one of the authorized program retailers to arrange the purchase of a new, eligible appliance and to obtain a rebate application form.

Authorized Program Retailers:
•    The Fireplace Centre – 1200 Battle Street, 250-372-3424
•    The Fireplace Gallery – 111-1339 McGill Road, 250-851-8849
•    Johnson Walsh – 921B Laval Crescent, 250-374-1822
•    Jul Pam Heating Systems – Contact: Andy McKinlay, 250-351-4742 or amckinlay9@yahoo.ca

Eligible NEW Replacement Appliances
•    an EPA-certified pellet stove or an EnerChoice designated gas or propane-fueled stove or fireplace
•    an EPA-certified pellet insert, an EnerChoice designated gas or propane-fueled insert, or an electric insert
•    an electric heat pump that meets the criteria for BC’s Home Renovation Rebate and Efficiency BC Program 

Appliances that do NOT qualify as a replacement: 
(Rebates will not be provided to install these appliances.)

•    a new wood-burning insert for an existing open-hearth fireplace that does NOT currently have an insert installed in it (an exchange of an existing wood appliance must take place)
•    electric stoves or fireplaces (replacement electric inserts are allowed)
•    factory-built, zero-clearance fireplaces
•    wood cook stoves—these are EPA-exempt and not covered by this program; they may be replaced by an EPA-certified stove or other non-cooking product within the qualification list above
•    outdoor appliances
•    tin heaters/tent stoves

Step 3: Install New Appliance

Coordinate with a program retailer to arrange installation. Your authorized program retailer will remove the old appliance and deliver it to be decommissioned and recycled.

Contact your home insurance provider to inform them of the change in heating type and installation information as savings may be available. 

Step 4: Submit Rebate Application Forms

Submit completed rebate application forms to the City for processing. It may take up to six weeks to receive a rebate. The City administers both the City and provincial rebates. Participants can work with their retailer to assess eligibility and apply for any additional natural gas appliance rebates from FortisBC.

You may also be eligible for a Connect to Gas rebate from FortisBC.

Wood Stove Scrap-It Program     

Do you have an older, wood-burning stove in your home? Remove and recycle your eligible wood stove and receive a $200 rebate through the City’s Wood Stove Scrap-It Program.

This program offers a rebate for Kamloops residents who remove their uncertified, wood-burning stoves from their home but do not want to replace it. The program is open year-round or until all rebates are exhausted. 

General Program Requirements:

  • participants must live within City limits
  • eligible stoves must be in a home within City limits
  • eligible stoves must be currently installed in the home. (Open hearth fireplace inserts are not eligible under this program)
  • eligible stoves include:
    • a free-standing, non-EPA-certified stove
    • a homemade or barrel stove
    • a non-EPA-certified wood furnace (ducted, forced air, home heating appliance)
    • a wood-burning cook stove

Program Application Steps:

Step 1: Find Out If You Qualify

Register for the Wood Stove Scrap-It Program by completing this form.

You must provide the following documents when registering:

  • Proof of residence (e.g. a copy of a utility bill with participant name and home address from the last three months).
  • A photo of the installed wood stove with the code #ScrapIt2022 posted on it. The code can be written on a piece of paper and posted on the wood stove prior to taking a photo.

For interested participants who are unable to register using the online form, arrangements can be made to register over the phone and to drop off required documents (proof of installed wood stove and Kamloops residence) at the Sustainable Kamloops office. Contact us at 250-828-3377 for more information.

Step 2: Obtain Rebate Voucher

Eligible participants will receive a notification of approval and additional instructions on how to complete the rebate voucher by email within five business days of registration. The voucher will be mailed to the address provided during registration. A confirmation of receipt of voucher by email or phone call is required.

IMPORTANT: The wood stove must be removed and recycled and the voucher returned to the Sustainability Program Coordinator by the expiry date listed. An expired voucher will not be eligible for the program and will be re-issued to other eligible participants.

Step 3: Remove and Recycle Your Wood Stove

Following the instructions on the voucher to deliver your uninstalled wood stove to the designated landfill for recycling.

Step 4: Submit Completed Voucher

Submit completed voucher in person or by mail (address will be provided on the voucher) to the City for processing.

The Fine Print 

  • Funding is limited. Rebates are issued on a first-come, first-served basis for those who meet program requirements.
  • One rebate per household.
  • Open-hearth fireplace inserts are not eligible under this program.
  • Please allow approximately six weeks after completing all steps for rebate to be processed.

Do you have questions or need assistance with registration? Contact sustainable@kamloops.ca or 250-828-3377.

Additional Resoures

The wood stove rebate programs support the Kamloops Airshed Management Plan’s goal of protecting our air quality and minimizing harmful emissions from entering our air shed. This is achieved by encouraging residents to decommission older, non-EPA-certified wood-burning appliances, as they emit more particulates than newer alternatives.

For those who do burn wood for heat, wood stove efficient burning information encourages residents to use clean, dry, seasoned wood or pellets in an EPA‑certified appliance as it produces up to 70% fewer particulate emissions and can be up to 30% more efficient.