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Wood Stove Rebate Programs

Wood Stove Rebate Programs

Rebates are available for residents who want to scrap or upgrade their older, uncertified wood-burning appliance. Operating in partnership with the BC Lung Foundation and the provincial government, the Wood Stove Rebate Programs aim to reduce harmful wood-burning emissions from entering our airshed by encouraging residents to decommission older, non-EPA-certified wood-burning appliances as they emit more particulates than newer alternatives.

Wood Stove & Fireplace Exchange Program

City residents may be eligible to receive up to $1,200 in rebates for upgrading to a new, EPA-certified, low-emission heating option. A maximum of 60 rebates will be issued in 2022, and they will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. One rebate per household. This program is available until all rebates are exhausted. Please note that some application forms may expire before the program end date.


Available Rebates


New Appliance Type

Rebate Amount

EPA Certified:

•    wood stove
•    wood fireplace insert
•    wood or pellet furnace


Electric Fireplace Insert

50% off the appliance
up to a maximum rebate
of $700

•    EPA-certified pellet stove or insert
•    EnerChoice propane-fueled stove or insert


EnerChoice designated:

•    gas-fueled stove
•    gas fireplace insert

*Includes $300 rebate administered by FortisBC

Electric heat pump$1,200


How to Participate

Authorized program retailers will guide residents through the rebate process, including finding out which appliances can be upgraded, which appliances can be purchased as replacements, and installation of the new appliance.

Program Application Steps:


Wood Stove Scrap-It Program     

Do you have an older, wood-burning stove in your home? Remove and recycle your eligible wood stove and receive a $200 rebate through the City’s Wood Stove Scrap-It Program.

This program offers a rebate for Kamloops residents who remove their uncertified, wood-burning stoves from their home but do not want to replace it. The program is open year-round or until all rebates are exhausted. 

General Program Requirements:

  • participants must live within City limits
  • eligible stoves must be in a home within City limits
  • eligible stoves must be currently installed in the home. (Open hearth fireplace inserts are not eligible under this program)
  • eligible stoves include:
    • a free-standing, non-EPA-certified stove

    • a homemade or barrel stove

    • a non-EPA-certified wood furnace (ducted, forced air, home heating appliance)

    • a wood-burning cook stove

Program Application Steps:

Additional Resources

The wood stove rebate programs support the Kamloops Airshed Management Plan’s goal of protecting our air quality and minimizing harmful emissions from entering our air shed. This is achieved by encouraging residents to decommission older, non-EPA-certified wood-burning appliances, as they emit more particulates than newer alternatives.

For those who do burn wood for heat, wood stove efficient burning information encourages residents to use clean, dry, seasoned wood or pellets in an EPA‑certified appliance as it produces up to 70% fewer particulate emissions and can be up to 30% more efficient.