Creating Connected Communities

The City of Kamloops believes in the value and importance of knowing your neighbours. Knowing your neighbours is a great way to provide an extra level of security to your community, and studies have shown that social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being.

Easy ways to meet your neighbours: 

Lend a hand

Plan a “clean up our street” and recruit some neighbours to clean up the boulevards or help out other neighbours that may need assistance.

Join a common cause

Get involved with the school PAC, volunteer with a kids’ sports team, or join the neighbourhood association. Common interests build fast relationships.

Take a walk

Whether you have kids or pets, or both, taking them for walks around the neighbourhood is a great way to get to know the people around you and get some exercise!

Keep an eye out

If you see something unusual, like a garage door that is not usually open at night, knock on the door to let them know. They may be thankful you did.

Introduce yourself

Take the plunge and extend a hand. Or if that’s too much for you, drop off a treat and introduce yourself with a little note.

Throw a party

Have a housewarming party, or initiate a block party. Fire up the BBQ in the front yard and encourage your neighbours to join in with their favourite dish and lawn chair.

Wave hello

When you’re outside getting the mail, taking out the garbage, or enjoying your yard, wave or say hello to your neighbours, or even just smile. These small interactions will start to make strangers feel like neighbours and can lead to friendly conversations.

Get outside

Spend more time in your front yard, on your porch, or on your balcony, and say “hi” to those who pass by.

Download the Creating Connected Communities and start connecting with your neighbours today!

Neighbourhood Matching Fund

The Neighbourhood Matching Fund (NMF) was created to provide matching dollars for neighbourhood improvements, celebrations, and projects developed and implemented by Neighbourhood Associations and community members.

Central to the NMF is the community match which requires awardees to match their award with contributions from the community like donated materials, professional services, and/or cash.

If you have an idea, the City of Kamloops will match the contributions up to $500.

Some of the awesome things that neighbourhoods have done:

  • community BBQ celebrations
  • movie nights in the park
  • murals
  • Halloween Block Parties
  • winter carnivals

For more information, email