Temporary Overnight Shelters

Keeping our Community Safe for Everyone

People value the time they spend in city parks, whether it’s going for a walk or run, taking the kids to a playground, participating in a sport, or enjoying nature. The City of Kamloops balances the uses in parks to ensure park activities are safe for everyone and to protect the environment and amenities from damage.

Kamloops parks are not designed for recreational camping, and camping is not permitted. Those who are experiencing homelessness may seek temporary overnight shelter on city property.

In April 2018, the City of Kamloops amended its Parks and Public Lands Bylaw No. 35-66 to accommodate people's right to shelter. The amendments outlined below provide options for homeless people seeking temporary overnight shelter.

Rules for Temporary Overnight Shelters

Overnight shelter must be temporary

Temporary shelters include a tent or other shelter constructed from a tarp, plastic, or cardboard and can only be erected:
9:00 pm–7:00 am from March to November
5:00 pm–8:00 am from December to February

Shelter and property cannot be left unattended

Valuable items may be impounded and garbage may be disposed of.

No fires or smoking

Open flame (e.g. lighter, camp fire, candle) and smoking are not permitted.

Shelter must be small and detatched from other structures

Shelters may only cover an area of less than 10 m2 and may not adjoin, abut, or be connected to any other temporary overnight shelter.

A shelter is permitted within the areas shown on the map

View map
The City has created this map to highlight areas within Kamloops where a temporary overnight shelter is permitted. When the river is high in the spring, temporary shelters should be set up further up the banks.

A temporary shelter is NOT permitted on or near any playgrounds, pools, gardens, public lawns, sports facilities and fields, stages, bleachers, washrooms, picnic shelters, gazebos, cemeteries, pathways, driveways, roadways, lanes, bridges, docks, or boulevards, or any other offices, community and recreational facilities, parking lots, or parkades that are owned or controlled by the City of Kamloops.

Day Locker Storage (Cllémentem)

48 Victoria Street West (across from City Hall)
Monday-Sunday, 10:00 am-2:00 pm

This service is no-cost storage of belongings and is limited to one bin per person. Laundry and mail services are also available. Clients must check in weekly. Operated by the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society.