Food and Urban Agriculture

In Kamloops, the food system plays an important part of our history, our local economy, and our social and ecological fabric. Kamloops has a vibrant local food community, including farmers and artisans, year-round farmers' markets, community gardens, community kitchens, a robust gleaning program, an active food policy council (the Kamloops Food Policy Council), the Kamloops Food Bank, and a range of food services. 

The benefits of urban agriculture are wide-ranging and include:

  • Improving access to fresh, affordable, healthy food
  • Promoting physical exercise, mental health, social interaction, and improved quality of life through activities like community gardening
  • Promoting community education about diverse aspects of the local food system and ecology
  • Promoting development of small businesses and stimulating the local economy

Kamloops Food System

Graphic recording from Stakeholder Forum, June 25, 2014. T. Gadsby, Drawing Out Ideas.