Heritage Home Register

The City of Kamloops, through Council resolution, adopted the first ever Heritage Register for Kamloops in 2007. The Register is currently comprised of 20 heritage resources, representing a wide variety of Kamloops' rich history. It is anticipated that additional entries to the Register will be added on a regular basis.

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Heritage Registers are official lists of heritage resources within a community. Registers can include any type of heritage resource from residential buildings, cemeteries and landscapes to monuments and transportation stock. For Kamloops, the Heritage Register includes a combination of residential and civic buildings, commercial properties, cemeteries, train stock and community monuments. Each entry onto the Register has had its heritage value identified through the use of a Statement of Significance (SOS). These SOSs are included here and will eventually become part of the Provincial and Federal Heritage Registers.

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The current Statements of Significance prepared for the Kamloops Heritage Register were prepared by Donald Luxton and Assocuiates out of Vancouver.