Nationally, the RCMP is privileged to enjoy the assistance of over 75,000 volunteers. These dedicated individuals assist in our detachments, our community police offices, and our communities in a multitude of roles.

Why does the RCMP use volunteers?

Volunteers are an integral component in the successful delivery of community policing services, and are especially important at the detachment level where their work is often hands on with that of our members, staff, and community clients.

The purpose of volunteer programs is to complement and not replace employees. Volunteers do not perform law enforcement or operational duties performed by Regular Members.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Auxiliary Constable

Auxiliary Constables promote community-based policing and assist RCMP Regular Members with some of their general duties.

Under the supervision of an RCMP Regular Member, Auxiliary Constables participate in RCMP-supported community events and programs, crime prevention initiatives within schools, traffic control, ground patrols, search and rescue, and parades and other ceremonial events.

Auxiliary Constables wear the uniform of the RCMP that clearly identifies them as Auxiliary Constables. They are covered by WorkSafeBC and insurance for accidental death/dismemberment and civil liability. All Auxiliary Constables must complete 180 hours of training prior to receiving their provincial appointment.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Kamloops Restorative Justice program or would like further information about Community Justice forums, contact Kevin Beeton at kbeeton@kamloops.ca or 250-376-5099.

Restorative Justice

The Kamloops Restorative Justice program is offered as an alternative to the formal court process. It is a strategy to engage with both victims and offenders (youth or adult), bringing them together to discuss criminal incidents, and finding ways to repair the harm caused.

The Community Justice forum model is used in the program. These forums can be a powerful learning experience that encourages offenders to take responsibility for their actions and gives victims the opportunity to tell offenders how the incidents impacted them.

Community Justice forums are available for a variety of incidents, many of which could have resulted in a criminal charge. It is a pre-charge process and is available to perpetrators of less serious crimes, when recommended by the police or other peace officers.

Participation is voluntary and can only take place if the referred individual is willing to admit guilt and can demonstrate an element of remorse. The individual who has been harmed by the incident must also be a willing participant in the forum. Both parties and their supporters will engage in a process that ultimately results in a resolution agreement. This agreement, created at the forum, may include a variety of reparations, such as apologies, financial restitution, community service, and counselling.

Agencies and individuals can request restorative justice as well. There are other forum models that can assist with a wide variety of events where facilitated discussion and a mutually agreeable end result prove to be a viable form of resolution.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Kamloops Restorative Justice program or would like further information about Community Justice forums, contact Danielle Odiorne at dodiorne@kamloops.ca or 250-571-3876.

Victim Services

The Kamloops RCMP Victim Services Unit provides 24-hour service to victims and witnesses of crime and trauma. Services are provided free of charge and are tailored to each situation. Victim Services provides crisis intervention, emotional support, information regarding the police investigation and court process, information about entitlements under the Victims of Crime Act, court orientation/accompaniment, safety planning, referrals to community agencies, and more.

Victim Services utilizes volunteer victim support workers. Our victim support workers receive specialized training in victims' issues, the criminal justice system, and crisis intervention techniques. Each volunteer undergoes an intense screening process to ensure suitability. Volunteering consists of an office component (16 hours per month) and an on call component (70 hours per month). Volunteers are required to commit for one year of service post training.

Victim Services is an extremely rewarding and challenging volunteer opportunity. Those interested in volunteering can pick up an application package at the RCMP Detachment located at 560 Battle Street or contact the RCMP Victim Services Unit at 250-828-3223 for further information.

Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteers work in pairs and act as additional eyes and ears for the police. They patrol their community and observe and report suspicious occurrences to Kamloops RCMP.

COP members are also involved in the identification and recovery of stolen vehicles through information supplied by ICBC and the RCMP.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Citizens on Patrol or would like further information, contact Danielle Odiorne at dodiorne@kamloops.ca or 250-571-3876.

Speed Watch

This educational program is aimed at reducing incidences of speeding. Volunteers monitor speeds in high visibility and high volume areas to raise awareness about the actual speed drivers are traveling.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Speed Watch or would like further information, contact Danielle Odiorne at dodiorne@kamloops.ca or 250-571-3876.