Waste Reduction

Give Less Garbage

The holiday season can generate an extraordinary amount of garbage for our landfills. Follow some of these tips to reduce waste:

  • Give culture: Memberships for Kamloops Museum and Archives, Western Canada Theatre, Kamloops Symphony, or local art galleries bring joy throughout the year!
  • Give wellness: Activity punch cards, swim or skate passes, or recreation facility memberships combine fun and fitness!
  • Give time: Set some dates and go explore! Pick a few outdoor (or indoor!) spots you've always wanted to visit, and give invitations to your friends and family to explore those spots with you!
  • Give local: Visit craft fairs, the Farmers' Market, and local stores to find handcrafted items for your nearest and dearest!
  • Give skills: The Winter Activity Guide has great gift ideas that will give your loved ones a chance to learn new skills!
  • Give again: Refurbish old furniture, polish some silverware, or find gently used toys and books that will bring joy for years to come!

Wrap wisely!

  • Take stock of what you already have! Fabric, old maps, calendars, magazines, and newspapers work just as well as new wrapping paper.
  • Choose materials that will last. Jars, paper bags, boxes, and gift bags can be used over and over again!
  • Get creative! Turn wrapping into a creative activity for the kids. Potatoes make great natural stamps