Curbside Organic Waste Collection Pilot Program

Welcome to the Curbside Organic Waste Collection Program Pilot Participants' web page.

Pilot Program Survey #1 - October 2021

We are seeking input from residents on pilot routes. Your feedback is valuable, whether you are participating  (i.e. using and putting your organcis cart out for collection) in the program or not.

Your input will help us understand what works well, what needs improvement, and what the barriers to participation are. Survey respondents can enter to win one of three $100 gift cards to Downtown Kamloops (one entry per household). The survey is open until October 29. 

Survey links will be shared through e-newsletters (or by mail), to subscribed participants only. 

Subscribe for Updates

We invite all residents and property owners on the pilot routes to subscribe with us to receive information updates and provide feedback throughout the pilot. 

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By subscribing, you will ensure you don’t miss important information, such as changes to your waste collection schedule, or opportunities to learn more about organics collection. We will be communicating through e-newsletters that will include information updates, tips, and invitations to periodically provide feedback (e.g. surveys and in-person or virtual meetings with City staff).

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pilot households will receive an organics cart, a kitchen bin, and an information package, regardless of whether they subscribe or not.


Pilot Program Overview

In September 2021, we will be testing organic waste collection in select neighbourhoods to learn what works well, and what needs to be improved for a community-wide program. The pilot program will last for one year, ending in August 2022, allowing us time to gather feedback and data across all seasons.  During the pilot program, the City will be collecting organic waste from one pilot route in each of the current five collection zones. There will be no additional cost to residents involved in the pilot program. 

All households on pilot routes will receive an organics cart, a kitchen bin, and an information package. Organics carts and kitchen bins are expected to be delivered to pilot addresses between September 7-14, including over the weekend (this timeline has been updated from between late August and mid September, on weekdays). Organics collection is expected to begin the week of September 20 and each zone's collection schedule is included inside their Information Package. Residents should not use their organics carts or bins until collection has started. 

To learn more on the background of the Curbside Organic Waste Collection project, please visit the Let's Talk Organics web page


Poster: What Can Go in Your Organics Cart?
Poster: What Can't Go in Your Organics Cart

Pilot Program Collection Calendars

On pilot routes, organics will be collected weekly, and garbage and recycling collection will shift to an alternating bi-weekly format.  
View your zone's pilot program collection calendar in your information package (delivered with your curbside cart/kitchen bin), or download your zone's collection calendar below to find out.

Zone 1 Collection Calendar 
Zone 2 Collection Calendar
Zone 3 Collection Calendar
Zone 4 Collection Calendar 
Zone 5 Collection Calendar

Don't know which zone you are in? View the Zone Boundaries Map here



Upcoming Information Sessions and Events

Click here for dates, times, and links

Online* Information Sessions:

  • There are currently no information session scheduled at this time 

*These online sessions will be hosted on Zoom; the link for each session will be posted here on the day of the event.  

How to Report an Issue and Leave a Comment

Report an Issue to our Civic Operations Centre
An issue is generally something that would require an action or follow up from the City. 

  • Report an issue with your cart or kitchen bin
  • Request an additional bin (for a secondary kitchen or suite)
  • Concerns and inquiries

Phone: 250-828-3461
Note: When phoning, or in the email subject line, please mention "Organics Pilot Program". 

Report a Wildlife Interaction

Let us know how things are going for you!
Participant feedback is an essential component of the Curbside Organic Waste Collection Pilot Program. While there will be several opportunities to provide formal feedback, we recognize the importance of providing input "when it happens".

As such, we invite all pilot program recipients to leave a comment at anytime to let us know what you think is working, or what could use improvement. All feedback will be considered when developing a city-wide organic waste collection program.

Note: Comments will be used to help us better understand what concerns and questions pilot participants have, and will help us create FAQs and other materials for pilot participants. We will not be replying to comments. If you need to report an issue, please refer to the contact above for the Civic Operations Centre. 

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