Burial & Cremation Options

Burial Options

Casket Service Option

Casket Single depth grave 
Casket Double depth grave 
Mausoleum Crypts

Casket Burial Costs*
Rights of IntermentSingleDoubleDouble DepthLawn Crypts
Plots include Care fund$1377$2754$1723$2095
Open/Closing Services$1190$2380$1328$1328
Casket Liner (required)$738$1476$703$1151
Total including GST$3471$6941$3979$4802
* memorials not included

Cremation Service Option

Burial plots (Hillside & Pleasant Cemetery Historic sections) 
Columbarium show case niches 
Columbarium Niche Package 
Garden of Memories Scattering 
Memorial tree and benches

Cremation Burial Costs*
Rights of IntermentSingleDoubleDble HistoricGarden of Memories
Plots include Care fund$590$1180$1376$109
Open/Closing Services$364$728$728Nil
Liner (required)$186$372$372Nil
Total including HST$1197$2394$2600$115
* memorials not included
Columbarium Niche Costs
Rights of IntermentSingle NicheSingle Niche (Pedestal)
Niche Package plus HST(Includes Niche, bronze memorial plate and pictures installed, opening/closing services, perpetual care)$5204$5812

Memorial Options (Subject to by-law)

Casket and Cremation Upright monument section 
Casket and Cremation Flush memorial marker section