Pre-authorized Withdrawal System (PAWS)

The City offers a monthly direct debit payment option for customers on utility accounts. If you choose to participate in the plan, your utility bill will be adjusted accordingly and automatically taken out of your bank account on the last day of each month.

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When does the plan start?

You can start at any time. The cut-off for signing up each month is five business days before the last day of the month. If you sign up during the last five business days of the month, your first payment will come out the following month. Contact the Revenue and Taxation Section at 250-828-3438 or see the Cashier at City Hall.

When will the payment come out of my account?

The City of Kamloops will debit your account on the last day of each month. Note: if the last day falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, your account will be debited on the next business day.

Can I set my own monthly payment amount?

No, you cannot set your own monthly payment amount. Monthly amounts are set based on individual accounts and are subject to recalculation.

Do I have to sign up each year?

No, you will remain on the plan until you want to cancel it. If your account has more than two return (e.g. NSF, account closed) charges in one year, it will be removed from the installment plan.

Is there a service fee for returned direct debits?

Yes. If a direct debit is not honoured by your bank for any reason, a service fee will be charged.

I am on the plan but have sold my house. What do I do?

Notify the City to cancel your installment plan. Your lawyer or notary should look after all adjustments.

How do I cancel?

Notify the City in writing to cancel your plan. Three weeks' notice is required.

I pay through the PAWS monthly installment program, do I have to do anything else?

You will have to read your quarterly statements to see if your payments are changing as the bills are recalculated each quarter. If there is no change to your payment, there will be no message on your statement.

The December 31st payment will be the payment that will reconcile your account to zero, so the amount may be more than your regular PAWS. Please ensure that you have the funds in your bank account on December 31, if there is a balance owing.

Why are my Utilities transferred to Property Taxes?

Any outstanding balance on your utility account as of December 31st is transferred to your property taxes as arrears, Sec 245(1) of the Community Charter.

Can I pay online?

Payment is not available online through the City. Payments may be made at most financial institutions in Canada (in person; by telephone banking; or online banking), credit unions, by mail, or in person at City Hall located at 7 Victoria Street West. 

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Important Notes: 

If you are paying through your bank— ensure the account number (folio without the dashes) is for your current property not previously owned properties. Folio numbers are attached to the property, NOT the owner. Please also ensure that you are paying under Utilities, not Property Taxes or Business Licence accounts.

Payments made through your financial institution may take 3-5 business days to reach the City. Please allow sufficient processing time before the tax due date. Penalties will be applied to payments not reaching the City of Kamloops by the due date.