Property Tax Estimator

2021 Residential Property Tax Estimator

NOTE: This provides an estimate only. Most property owners, depending on whether you are in a detached home or a condominium, can expect increases in the 0% to +10% range. More information can be found here.

The property tax estimator uses a 2% increase for residential municipal taxes collected by the City. The tax increase for all other agencies (see the blue section in this sample property tax notice) is estimated at 2% for 2021. A final rate will not be known until May 15, 2021.

Your taxes are also affected by the change in your home's assessed value. Visit the BC Assessment website for more details:
Read: The Property Tax Equation
Watch: Understanding The Assessment Process

Enter the assessed value of your properties:

(Residential Class 1 properties within the City of Kamloops only please)

Assessed Value from 2020:
Assessed Value from 2021:

All amounts generated are estimates only. The actual value of the property taxes for any given year will be shown on the property tax notice that is mailed out in May.

If you have questions about the estimator, or other property tax questions, please call the Property Tax Department at (250) 828-3437.