Frequently Asked Questions

I received a property tax statement, what is the next step?

Your property tax notice displays a considerable amount of detailed information and you should read your property tax notice carefully. If you would like to learn more, view a Sample Tax Notice with Descriptions.

Follow the 3 Step Payment Check List:

  1. Select which column you need to pay on your property tax bill - Column A, B or C.
  2. Make your payment. Refer to all payment options on the reverse of your bill or visit our section on Payment Options
  3. Claim your home owner grant (if eligible). Review the home owner grant eligibility criteria on the reverse of your bill.

To avoid penalties and interest, please remember the following:

  • Correctly completed home owner grant applications and payments must be received at the City by the due date.
  • To receive the grant, you must apply for the grant each year.
  • You may claim your grant without making a tax payment.
  • Postmark date is not accepted as proof of payment.
  • Mail lost or delayed due to disruption in postal/courier service will be subject to penalty.
  • For payments remitted at your bank, online, or third party payments, please allow for sufficient time for your payment to be received. Your payment is not received at the City the same day you make your payment.
Do I have access to my tax account online?

Yes, you can access your tax account 24/7 with a "MyCity" account. Check your property tax account balance and home owner grant status, view current & past tax information, payment history, & property assessment values. All you need is your property tax notice or folio number & access code, an email address & a computer. 

Access MyCity

MyCity requires you to setup a free profile. To do so, you will need your property tax notice for your folio number and access code, as well as an email address. 

My taxes are too high. Can I appeal the amount?

No, the amount of taxes on your bill cannot be appealed. You can, however, appeal your assessment. Your assessment notice is mailed to you at the beginning of January each year. The appeal deadline is January 31, 2017.

I do not have enough money to pay all my taxes. What should I do?

Claim your home owner grant (if eligible), and send it in with a partial payment, or no payment before the due date. You will receive a penalty only on the outstanding balance as of the due date and then there will be no more charges until January 1. On January 1, outstanding balances are charged daily interest.

Is the penalty discretionary?

No. The City of Kamloops has no authority to waive or alter the penalty amounts. Municipalities are governed by Provincial legislation which states a penalty must be applied on any outstanding balance (including unclaimed home owner grants) after the due date.

Why is there a penalty on the home owner grant?

The home owner grant is considered taxes owing until claimed. If the grant application is received or applied for after the due date the 10% penalty will be applied. The home owner grant must be applied for each year.

Apply now

I did not receive my property tax notice. What do I do?

Property Tax Notices are mailed the last week of May. Non-receipt of a tax notice does not excuse a property owner from payment. Past due payments and Home Owner Grant applications will be subject to a 10% penalty, levied July 4, 2018.

If you do not receive a tax notice, please contact: 

Property Tax Division 
7 Victoria Street West 
Kamloops, BC V2C 1A2 

I need to pay the taxes on a home I don't live in. How do I get the notice sent to my primary residence?

Property taxes are mailed to the property address listed with BC Assessment. If you own a property but do not reside there, or if you need to update your mailing address, you need to notify BC Assessment to have your property tax notice mailed to your current address. If you sold the property, then no action is required.

To file an address change you will need your Assessment Roll Number. You can find it on your Property Tax Notice - (FOLIO NUMBER), or on your Assessment Notice (ROLL). Both of these numbers are located in the top right hand corner of your statement.

Other information (for Kamloops) that you will need: 
The Area Code is 23 

The Jurisdiction is 212.

Notify BC Assessment by mail, phone or use their online Change of Address Form. 

BC Assessment 
805 Renfrew Ave 
Kamloops BC V2B 3X3 
Toll free 1-866-825-8322 

BC Assessment Change of Address Form