Phase 2

In Phase 2, residents helped inform the development of a growth strategy with supporting policies to guide and manage land use. The focus was on two potential land use scenarios to accommodate population growth to a population of 120,000, and draft goals and policy directions under KAMPLAN’s 10 topic areas:

  • land management and development
  • environment
  • infrastructure
  • transportation and mobility
  • housing
  • parks and recreation
  • economic development
  • arts, culture, and heritage
  • community well-being
  • health and safety

Several activities were held to gather input, including:

  • 20 self-facilitated community "OCPizza Nights"
  • 3 Roadshow events at area malls and the Farmers’ Market
  • 17 formal group meetings
  • 2 youth engagement sessions


This report highlights the results of Let’s Ta!k Phase 2, identifying the engagement opportunities, the resulting key themes and the individuals who participated. 

Phase 2 Public Input Report  Phase 2 Appendicies