Mobile Food Vending

Mobile Food Vending in Kamloops falls under two broad business licence categories: "Mobile Food Concession" and "Food Truck or Trailer". Businesses in both categories may operate where zoning permits, with permission from the property owner. Licenced mobile food vendors may also operate in municipal parks and designated on-street locations with valid permits from the City.

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2021 Approved Mobile Food Vendors

The City of Kamloops annually approves certified food suppliers for events taking place in City parks and facilities.


Gyldi's Pizza 
Salt Lick
Bubble Time Tea778-471-6688

Paddlewheelers Lions
The Lobster
Cheffrey 911
Biggz BBQ & Grill
Mobile Food Vending Requirements
Food Truck or Trailer Regulations

“Food Truck or Trailer” means a food truck or mobile trailer from which food and/or drink is prepared internally and dispensed externally, which is parked at a given private property location for no more than five days in any one week or in parks or on-street locations where permitted by the City. 

Regulations Matrix

What type of food vendor am I?
  • Mobile Food Concession - means a non-motorized mobile push cart, mobile coffee wagon, or mobile trailer with a maximum area of 2.78 m² (30 sq. ft.) from which food and/or drink is dispensed externally and where the goods for sale are carried and contained in the cart, which may change location from time to time, is not permanently affixed to a building or structure, is removed from public access when it is not in use, does not impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic flow, is operated as an accessory use to an existing principal use on a site, and does not operate between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:00 am.
  • Push Cart - means a non-motorized Mobile Food Concession that can be pushed by one person. Food
  • Truck or Trailer - means a food truck or mobile trailer from which food and/or drink is prepared internally and dispensed externally and that is parked at a given private property location for no more than five days in any one week or as permitted in parks and specified on-street locations.
Where can I operate?

Zoned Property

  • A Mobile Food Concession may operate in the CBD, CIT, C-1, C-2, C-3T, C-4, C-5, C-6, C-7, C-8, I-1S, P-1, and T-2 zones.
  • A Food Truck or Trailer may operate in the CBD, C-1, C-1T, C-3, C-4, C-6, I-1, I-1S, I-2, I-3, P-1, P-4, P-8, and T 2 zones.

Streets and Sidewalks

  • A Push Cart may operate on City sidewalks in front of properties in the CBD and C-1T zones for up to two hours at any given location, provided they do not operate between 3:00 am and 9:00 am.
  • A Food Truck or Trailer may operate in designated areas of the 100 block of Seymour Street in front of Gaglardi Square or on the south side of the 200 block of St. Paul Street in front of Stuart Wood School, provided the operator obtains a valid permit from the City.

City Parks

  • In order to operate in City parks, you must be on the preferred vendors list and hold a Parks Food Vending Permit for the days of operation. To inquire about operating in City parks, please contact the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department. 

Riverside Park Mobile Food Vendor Locations 

What fees do I need to pay to the City?

Business Licence Fees

  • Mobile Food Concession (including Push Carts): $224.40 ($56 per unit where five or more units are licensed)
  • Food Truck or Trailer: $246.80 per unit

On-street Permit Fees

  • Seymour Street - a Food Truck or Trailer wishing to operate on the south side of Seymour Street in front of Gaglardi Square must obtain a Road Right-of-way Usage Permit from the Traffic and Transportation Section. The cost of the permit is $15 per day plus a $25 administration fee.
  • St. Paul Street - a Food Truck or Trailer wishing to operate on the south side of the 200 block of St. Paul Street in front of Stuart Wood School must obtain permission from Bylaw Services to reserve any required parking stalls. The cost of reserving the stalls is $15 per stall.

Parks Food Vending Permit Fees

What else do I need to know?

Food Truck Regulations
The City’s Business Licence Bylaw No. 9-60 contains regulations related to hours, signage, setbacks from brick-and-mortar restaurants, noise, garbage, traffic flow, and other issues. Please see the Food Truck or Trailer Regulations Matrix information sheet for a summary of these requirements.

Liability Insurance
When operating on public property (e.g. parks, streets, and sidewalks), you must obtain and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000). The City shall be included as an additional insured. The form provided by the City must be used.

Health Approval
Interior Health requires prior approval for all businesses handling food. Before applying for a Business Licence, call Interior Health at 250-851-7340 for details.

Fire Inspection
All mobile food concessions using propane heating and cooling systems must obtain approval from a City of Kamloops Fire Inspector. Check with Kamloops Fire Rescue at 250-372-5131 for details.

Note: This webpage is for convenience only. Additional regulations may apply. Please refer to the City of Kamloops Zoning Bylaw and the Business Licence and Regulations Bylaw

If you require additional information or have any questions regarding Business Licences, contact the Business Licensing Section at 250-828-3481 or visit us at 105 Seymour Street. 

City bylaws are available online. Search for permits and licences from three levels of government with BizPaL.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I call about concessions for my event?

The list of "approved mobile concessionaires" is posted above. You may call 250-828-3492 to obtain a list of concessionaires, operators, and contact numbers.

What are my options if I can't find an approved concessionaire available for my event?

If you've exhausted the list of approved Mobile Concessionaires and no one is able to operate a concession on your behalf, you are permitted to follow up with any of the local community organizations to see if they are able and willing to open for you.

Your vendor is still required to possess all required certification and must obtain a permit from Parks and Recreation prior to setting up and operating.

What's the difference between concessions at Norbrock or Hillside Stadium versus Singh Bowl, for example?

The City of Kamloops has set up "mobile" concessions and "on site" concessions. At City fields and parks where there are permanent concession facilities and regular activities, there are concessionaires that have agreed to be consistently open for all events. These concessionaires are not necessarily self-contained.

At Singh Bowl, or other City parks where concessions, we have "mobile" concessionaires who can set up almost anywhere and are self-sufficient.

Can our sport association operate our own concession?

Provided you have all necessary paperwork, you are able to operate your own concession. Here is a list of required certification:

  • Safety inspections - to ensure your equipment is operating properly and safely
  • Business license - required for any business selling a product or service within the city.
  • Permit to Operate (from the Ministry of Health) - required to ensure all health precautions are followed.
  • WCB clearance number - in case of an accident involving staff (paid or volunteer).
  • $2,000,000 insurance - in the event someone becomes ill or injured as a result of your food service or operation of food service.
  • Safety programs - (Serve it Right, Food Safe) to ensure those serving and preparing food for public consumption is prepared and served in a safe and proper manner.

We regulate our operators in order to provide consistent, high quality service and product for event participants and park users.

Why do concessionaires have to pay the City a daily permit fee?

The daily permit fee ensures the City is aware of when and where approved vendors are operating, to prevent double-booking of concessions. It also covers some of the City's costs associated with operating a concession on City property.

Are we required to use an approved concessionaire in order to provide donated food services to our volunteers and participants at no charge?

If you have donated food items that are not for sale or compensated by donation during your event, you are not required to enlist the services of a concessionaire.